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Any experience with staph infection??

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I have 2 foster babies (7 weeks old).
The boy was just not doing well. When I took him in to the vet we found a pus abscess. The vet feels it is staph infection.

We are having a culture done and he is on medication, but assuming that it IS staph, how contagious is he to other cats? What precautions should I take in handling?

Admittedly I should have remembered to ask these things, but until after the hioliday I thought I would tap your brians for info.

Any suggestions?
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Staph can be highly contagious. It's becoming very common and unwelcome. It can also be very difficult to cure due to drug resistance.

I would keep the ktten separated from other cats until you get the cultures back - assume it is staph until you know differently. Disinfect the area where you are keeping the kitten daily, or more often as you see drainage. The kitten will need to be cleaned up also - the location of the pus pocket would determine what to use .

Assuming it is staph, you need to wash well after contact with the kitten. And this would include your clothes. You don't want to be tranmitting to any of the other kittens.

Good luck. It is treatable, just focus on good hygiene.
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Cats are very susceptible to MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus - the one that is raging through hospitals that is resistant to many antibiotics and can be transmitted human to feline or feline to human) and so should ideally be quarantined until antibiotics have started to work - because if the antibiotics are taking effect then you know it isn't a resistant strain.

Please wash your hands with antibacterial soap and change clothes before and after handling the affected cat, hygiene in these situations is paramount.

I hope he's feeling better soon
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