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drooling cat

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out of curiousity, is it normal for a cat to drool when they pur? my cat, liza, seems to drip all over me. it seems to be when she's more excited to see me. she's also got a thing for ink pens. i can't keep them on the desk! maybe she just wants to write....
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My Ivo drools when she purrs, too, earning her the nickname "Drooly Kitty". Sometimes, she drools so much she leaves wet spots on the rug or my comforter!
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A couple of mine also drool when they purr. Hissy has one who drools so bad, she has to put an absorbant pad in her lap whenever she holds the kitty so that she doesn't drown in drool!

When mine were kittens, they too had a thing about pens. I could never leave one out because it would be batted under a dresser within minutes.
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Sassy "leaks" when she's got a good knead going, and Boo, who loves to suck on ears, will sometimes drool just a little bit when he spies a particularly scrumptious ear.
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