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A tiny kitty baby.

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I got a call from a vet nurse at Murdoch Vet Hospital and here is the result. I estimate him to be about 10-14 days old as his eyes are open but he doesn't have any teeth. He's got good lungs on him! He's still very distressed - feeding well but still constantly searching for mum. We think mum missed him as she was moving her kits to a new nest. So he's getting lots of loving and starting to cuddle up to snugglekitty.

What a cutie!
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A close up of his little paws...
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sleepy head...
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a gummy yawn
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last one.
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Thank goodness you have Snugglekittie! What a cutie, and what an angel you are to take him in.
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Oh the poor little baby! I'm soo glad he has you to take care of him!
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Awww what a sweet little angel. I am so glad that he has you to take care of him! Does he have a name yet? Give it scritches and kisses!
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What a lucky little guy!
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Thanks guys. He's very sweet and seems to be feeling a little better since this morning.

hissy, I've got nothing on how many little ones you take in! I'm just doing my little bit.

Kiwi, I'm not allowing myself to name any babies that come my way. It's just a way of trying not to get too attached (how can I not! ). So he's just called Baby. And yes, he's getting lots of cuddles and kisses, of course.
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Oh what a sweet little babie! I've had to take care of a whole litter of four that small. Not an easy task even with one!!
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Very Cute!!!

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What a tiny little angel! Thank goodness there are people like you who are willing to give their time and love to get little ones like Baby a chance at life.

Good luck with him! He's got lots of love coming through cyber-space to him, as well as all the love you are bathing him in.
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Sending him a little snuggle from Toronto!
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What a little darling!
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How adorable! You are an angel for taking care of him!!!
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I love the shot of the little paws! I just love to rub little baby kitty toes!
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Oh he's just precious! I wish I could snuggle with him!!

So great of you to take him in!
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You gotta babykins!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeee!

Aw mate he is sooo cute! You are such a good mummy I am sure he will grow and be healthy and strong and naughty in no time at all!!! Big fishy kisses and furry hugs to you both!
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He is a cutie, keep us supplied with kitty pics.
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Oh, Baby is a cutie pie! Give him lots of kisses from me!
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Just an update to let you know how Baby is doing. Well, he's drinking his formula, peeing and pooping, purring and doing all the things a furbaby should. He's very well and still irresistable (even during the 2am feed! ) I'll post some more pics in the next couple of days.

Leslie cobber, as much as I love you, you can keep your big, slobbery, fishy kisses to yourself!!

...but I will pass them on to Baby!
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Tania, That's just great! I'm so glad the little one is doing well. Don't be feeding that baby any vegemite, now! Naw, you wouldn't do that. You have a good heart!
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He's got a great surrogate Mama-cat! Can't wait for new pics of the little furbabe. He's such a little doll. Kisses from me to Baby!!
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Simply precious. Thanks so much for sharing the pics of the little darling!!! :tounge2:
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