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Long lost cat

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This shows what a good thing it is to have your cat microchipped

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I still can't get over how fantastic this story is!

I'm just imagining one of mine being missing for 10 years then suddenly being found, i'd be on my knees with tears of sheer relief!

A great story to show that microchipping your pets does work
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What a wonderful story! I can only imagine what that kitty has been doing for the last 10 years.

I'm definitely getting Riley microchipped in the next few weeks
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That is amazing...I bet that kitty has quite the story to tell
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Hmmmm.... Might be time to get all my babies chipped..
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Wow what a beautiful reunion for that kitty and her owner.
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Wow! The animal shelter that I got my babies from microchip all of their animals now. They said they started doing it after Hurricane Katrina. They gave me the website that I can go to to update my information if I move or change anything.
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I'll bet that woman has spent the past ten years wondering and worrying about what happened to her cat.
Microchipping is a must!
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aww that certainly brought a tear to my eye - micro-chips are worth every penny

if only that kitty could talk - he looked fairly healthy
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