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Litter Box

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I have yet another question. When Sassy goes to the litter box, she uses it fine. She has never had an accident yet (knock on wood). I have a litter box with a cover on it. When she goes into the litter box to do her business, instead of covering it up when she is done, she will scratch at the sides of the litter box. Like she will stand on the lip of the opening and scartch on the walls of the top part of the litter box. It is just wierd. Previously before i got this litter box, i had one that didnt have a cover on it and then she would scratch on the rug that i had down there instead of in the box. Does anyone know why she does this, and how i could possible get her to stop or should i just leave it?

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It is possible that this is just a personality quirk, but I'm really stumped here.... Is the box big enough for her? Maybe she doesn't like the litter; what kind do you use?
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To add to Kuntry Kitty, it could be a case that either the box isn't big enough or the litter isn't deep enough. If your box hasn't deep litter she might be scratching around her to find more dirt to bury with.

Every time my cat Harry goes he also scratches around the box after he has buried the litter. I think it's one of those things they do. he does the same around his food plate; it's cute
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Oh, good one Catnip, I didn't think about the depth of the litter in the box. The litter should always be between 3-4 inches deep (mine is about 3). Some cats like to dig really deep and then completely cover the litter; there may not be enough litter in the box. Or it may be too small... I'm still wondering if maybe she's a finnicky cat and simply turns up her nose at the litter! The smell of it maybe?
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thanks for the ideas, well its not the depth of the litter because i know i have enough in there. Also the litter box is huge, its plenty big for her, shes only a little kitty. I know it will still be big enough when she is older too. I use clay litter right now, but i am going to try some feline pine and see if she will take it. And i know its not that the litter box is dirty because i clean it everyday and she does that even right after i have changed it. I dont know, it is possible that is just part of the way she is. I'm not really worried, i was just curious.

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my obie does that everytime too...maybe for a cat its just like washing hands after doing some business in human...or maybe the sand trapped a bit between their paws and they wanna get rid of the sand... :p
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Missy our former stray does it, she passed it onto one of her kittens too. They both scratch all around the boxes, everywhere but in the litter.
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My Eric does that too. He covers his pee/poop and then scratches the edge of the box. It looks as though he's trying to clean the litter off his paws but then he puts his paws back in the litter. It's just one of those weird kitty quirks.
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Yep, perfectly normal. Seb scratches the walls and the floor trying to cover his bunsiness Think its an instinctual thing. He does the same with his food.
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Midnight will do the same thing, especially when the litter gets low. Then I know it's time for a trip to the store!
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definitely a kitty quirk. i had two sisters; one was an all star digger/cover'er while the other was a retard.

all star: would do her business and then cover so well that her back legs were buried up to her hind as well!

retard: would do her business and then leave the covered litter box, stick her head in to sniff and then begin scratching the full exterior of the cover including the top. she would never cover he business. luckily her sister couldn't stand the smell so would go in and finish the job of covering.
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