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Baby's Baptism gift

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Our very good friend's baby is being baptised this Sunday, and DH is the god father. Believe it or not, I've only ever been to one other baptism (besides my own, of course) and I was in high school so a gift wasn't expected from me then. DH thinks we should just go and get more diapers or blankets, but I always thought for a baptism it should be something more special. Especially from the god father. Any suggestions?

Also, if I get something engraved with a date, do I put the birth date or the baptismal date?
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The last child that I was godmother for, I tried to get something that could be a family heirloom. They are very Irish, so I bought this:


It's tucked away until he is much older. He is ten now, and he mentions the plate to me every so often.
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From the godfather it definately should be a item that symbolizes the importance of the day.

A few suggestions.....

A bible
a gold necklace with a cross
A charm bracelet for a girl, gold engraved bracelet for a boy.
a rosery

These are all things Kevin recieved for his. If money is an issue, maybe a nice picture frame with the date and occasion engraved on it.
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Check online for personalized gifts for this special day to help give you ideas.
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