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Toys to keep him busy...

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What are some really good toys that keep ypur cats busy?
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mine like the Cat Dancer, Da Bird & laser toys... also Chip likes catnip stuffed toys. Java likes things with fur on them. Cable likes 'skittery' things, like ice cubes, plastic rings, etc. Pixel prefers soft toys - tissue balls, soft foam balls, & the like. Firefox hasn't shown a preference, yet. Mouse liked pingpong balls. but they all prefer toys that are interactive... meaning i have to play, too!
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Another cat, me, and whatever they just knocked over in the other room.
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Blossom has lots of toys bc my son works at a pet warehouse. She prefers to play with things like pegs, twist ties, plastic lids, anything she can find. She only plays with her cat toys if I play with her.
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Zoey doesn't like to play by herself; she likes interactive play. I haven't bought her alot of toys... About once or twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each session she will go and play with her Cat'N'Mouse Cat Toy; she likes chasing the mouse around. I've heard of Da Bird and heard lots of successful stories in reference to it, and am eager to see if they have it in stock at my local pet store. She likes fishing toys; her favorite is a piece of newspaper I fastened at the end of a long shoestring; I'll walk around dragging it on the carpet and she loooooves that! She also likes foil wads that I put on the linoleum floors, so they roll around easy, but they eventually get stuck somewhere and she loses interest. Twisty ties and the plastic rings off of milk jugs are also favorites, in addition to yarn strands. But like I said, she mostly likes to play with other critters and people. In the morning she goes out for about 3 hours and plays with the other kittens, and then she sleeps most of the day. In the evening I play with her for about an hour... Another favorite are the poor bugs in the window screens, doomed to death-by-Zoey.
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Oh ok, I breed birds so I don't think anything that looks like a bird would be a good idea although he dosen't bother the birds he has never tried to attack one but he has knocked a cage over once.

Im going to try some stuff, I never knew they prefered different textures.
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