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Grooming - Mats in hair

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what could I do about Memo's dreadul mats, I brush him daily with 2 different types of brushes a fine one first that basically makes him bald if I don't stop and after I use one that slips onto my hand with more space in bettween the bristles.

I ussually just cut them out with sowing siccors and that ussually works but he gets them right on his back legs all the time in the same spot. I just cut them out the other day and they are already starting again. I try to brush him back there but he hates it. It takes me 20 minutes to cut them out because he fights with me but I just hold him down because if I don't cut them out they are painful!

Is there an alternative?
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Have you tried a slicker brush. It's a wire brush with bent brisles especially for long haired cats. I too have cut out the matts in my cats fur when neccessary to save hurting the cat.
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IMO you should be using various size combs instead of brushes. Where are most of the mats forming? You might need two people to help groom the cat for awhile. But most brushes on a longhair dont' do a proper grooming job.
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on one of my fluffy cats i use a metal flee comb, it does wonders for her coat and helps dislodge any tangles, she does from time to time get a matted bit on her back legs, if it can not be brushed out then i will trim it.
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combs work much better at keeping cats mat free. I use a medium tooth and a fine tooth comb on my Persians. Please be careful about trimming yourself. It's very easy to knick then very thin layer of skin on a cat.
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