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Chicago Residents Out There???

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My husband Dan and I will soon move to the Chicagoland area in search of both work and a residence. (I'm originally from the area. Dan was recently let go from his job, which actually frees us up to make the move.)

Dan works in the IT industry (Network Manager), and I wish to get into the Publishing industry.

I'm looking for assistance in our search for work. We could use viable networking contacts, notification of job postings, etc. I would *very* much appreciate any help that we can get.

Thank you,

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My boyfriend lives in Chicago and has been looking for a different job for months. He doesn't seem to have much time to research the internet, so I search every now and then for him. He's told me in the past that the newspapers don't seem to have very many ad's in them. So, he has a job recruiter looking for him also. The websites I've been looking at are: www.monster.com , www.flipdog.com , Yahoo career search, www.hotjobs.com and there are more out there...I just can't think of them all right now. Best of luck in your search and in your big move to Chicago.
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I just did a quick search on Monster.com and found a boat load of jobs on there for both you & Dan. I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for...but in Dan's field there was over 500 jobs available and in your field there was almost 200! Definitely check it out...your dream job may be right at your fingertips! Best of luck!
p.s...there is a link to relocating to Chicago on there. It might be helpful in your move.
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