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Ugh. I know I should have read everything about cats, put please don't get at me right now for this. I just need help.

I woke up this morning and the momma cat had moved one kitten into a drawer underneath the bed.

I moved it back to the nest and she came and removed it again.

I thought she might be rejecting that one kitten, but no, she's rejecting the other three.

She sits and lies in the drawer, feeding that kitten.

What am I supposed to do RIGHT now for the other three?

I can't exactly go out and I can't get into the vets till five, where I have an appointment anyway.

Please help. I don't want these kittens to die.
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Ok, now she's just removed another one.
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Maybe she's moving them all to the drawer under the bed? Give her some more time, and in the meantime here's a link, I hope it helps:

Here's the list it came from:

Good luck and let us know how it is going.
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they won't starve in that amount of time. keep them warm... try some rice in a sock, warmed in the microwave.
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I have no experience with nursing moms, but it sounds to me (from what I've read here) that she might be trying to find a safer, more secluded place for the kittens.
Is her box in a quiet, dark area? Is there any distractions in the room that make her feel uneasy?
I don't know if she's your cat, or a stray, but if she's yours you might want to put an old, dirty t-shirt that smells like you in the nest. It might make her more comfy.
Does she have enough milk for everyone? Is this her first litter? Maybe she feels nervous and needs a little encouragement. Make sure the kittens stay warm. If she wants to be in the drawer, is there room for the other kittens? Maybe you could move them in with her.

Good luck! I hope she stops moving them soon for you.

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