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Morton-The reason not to declaw!

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Yet another declaw gone wrong!

This elegant gentleman is a true lap cat. Morton will sit on your lap, on your cousin's lap, on the Maytag repairman's lap, on any lap that comes his way! Morton is estimated to have been born in 2004. He was a resident of an Animal Control Facility for several weeks before coming to Cause for Paws. In examining him, we discovered to our horror that he had an earlier declaw operation which was done incorrectly; the nails had grown back, but under the skin of his paws. He was in considerable pain, but still willing to be a loving cat. After significant surgery to eliminate the cause of his pain, we think we have given Morton a new lease on a pain-free life. Although he lives a normal cat life, he walks slowly. This may improve with time or it may not. In any case, our best judgement is that he is now pain-free and will need only routine vet care for the rest of his life. Morton's ideal home is one where there is always a lap ready for him, lots of clean water and good food and plenty of attention. A home with older adults, no dogs and one or two other quiet cats would be Purrfect! And whoever adopts Morton will always have a warm lap
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what a handsome boy!
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What a handsome guy! I wish I had room on my lap for him! My kitty Morris (Mo Mo) and Morton would probably get along spendidly. Morris is also declawed. I got him about 3 years ago and I estimate him to be over 10 years old. He was declawed when I got him. His paw pads are disfigured because of the declaw, and some days he walks with pain. But he's always in an open lap if there is one and is just the sweetest ever.
Whoever gets Morton will be a lucky meowmy!!

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What a big handsome boy. I hate those stories though...
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how awful for that poor baby
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What a beautiful boy he is.
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poor guy
hansom, looks like my Bentley
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Oh Bless his heart, he's adorable
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Poor Morton . I feel a little attachment to him. My family had a cat while I was growing up named Morton (he was an outdoor cat that actually lived to be 18). To this day, I've never heard another cat named that.
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That poor baby I hope he finds someone to love him for the rest of his life!
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Oh my goodness he is so cute! Poor thing. I wish that more people could know how bad declawing is. I grew up with declawing and until I joined this site I never even thought about it being bad. Luckily I joined soon enough that both our cats have ALL their claws.
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Morton is soo handsome!!! Bless his widdle heart though... I sure hope he recovers and gets a loving furever home!!
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Have you found a home for Morton yet? I do hope so as he's such a sweety!!

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Poor kitty, I cannot stand that de-clawing is still legal!

I hope he finds a forever home very soon!
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Awww what a darling, kind of reminds me of my Whiskey. I hope he has a forever home now, bless him
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Originally Posted by Devlyn View Post
Have you found a home for Morton yet? I do hope so as he's such a sweety!!

He isn't in our rescue, so when he gets pulled off Petfinder he will have found a home.
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Poor baby.
I hope he finds a loving home soon!
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