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I actually don’t know what to do.

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I’m leaving tomorrow for three days. Would my cat be okay if I leave out enough food and water? I don’t have any one that I’m willing to allow in my home. Advice?
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I have done it. Actually I left for 10 days and my sister was given a key to stop over every other day or so, she came once...

They were fine, obviously I wouldn't recommend that long alone. But 3 days should be fine. Can you just call a pet sitting service and have them stop by once? At least one visit would be ideal.
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i do this all the time. i've done it for up to 5 days... it doesn't mean there won't be any accidents, but there could be accidents while you were at work - you can't be there 24/7! if you'd worry, see if you can find someone reliable to stop by each day, just to check up.
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We went camping for the weekend (Fri-Sun) and left the 2 cats at home. I just filled up their bowls with dry food and put 2 extra bowls of water down for them.

Everyone was fine when I got home - tho they missed their canned food They got that as soon as we came in the door.

Be sure to fill the litter pan with some extra litter. I didn't and came home to a mess to clean up! Next time I will be sure I put more in the pan.
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I have gone off for 3 days without anyone checking up on the cats. I leave several water bowls, a faucet in the bathroom on slow drip, 4 litter pans and plenty of dry food. However, that being said, I just turned down an invitation to visit friends in NY because I won't leave baby boy Cosmo for that length of time - too much trouble for him to get in to!
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I wouldn't leave mine for more than 24 hours without someone checking up on them. I would ask everyone you know (and would trust) if they can drop by a couple of times to make sure they're ok in the hope that someone is willing to do it.
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the longest i have left mine is over night. if its the weekend i make sure i have someone come round at least once a day to top their food up make sure they havent spilt there water. and for a few cuddles. if i cant get anyone to do it , then i dont go.
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I've left mine for a couple days at a time. Any more then that and I have someone go in and check on them. Just leave enough water in a spill proof bowl. Ditto with the food.
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