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Does your cat follow you around?

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Some days Wesley follows me every single place I go. Tonight no matter where I went, he would follow! But then on other days I never see him bceause he is hiding somewhere sleeping! Do cats ever feel lonely?
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mine does she follws everwhere.bathroom,kitchen parts of the same room.i was away for 2wks(dont worry-flat mate looked after her)
now she wont let me out of her sight
its so sweet
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YES!!! Both of them! Chevy is worse though....
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Zoey gets to play outside for about 3 hours with her siblings and cousins in the mornings, so she doesn't really get lonely. Usually she doesn't follow me around, unless she's bored. Then she insists on going into the room that I am in; it's almost like it's absolutely no fun getting into miscief unless Mommy is there to see it!
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All three are everywhere I am, sometimes under foot, unless, they are in the basement trolling for mice, which is where they must be now. Hope they don't bring me any live ones, or dead for that matter.
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There's always a cat following me around
If I go outside one or both of the boys will watch me from the windows to make sure I don't run away.
Then there's the outdoor kitty Max and the young semi feral male that usually keep me in sight, or take a more... paws on approach and attempt to trip me.

Even when not at home I have a cat on my heels or nearby. The other night DH and I went to the grocery store and a cat from one of the neighboring homes near the store was in the parking lot meowing at me. When at other peoples' homes their cats follow me around or get in my lap.

One of these days I'll figure out what makes me so appealing to cats...
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My guy is the same way, usually in the same room as me, sometimes climbing onto the laptop while I type, and other times, he wants nothing to do with me, but that's usually only when I am doing absolutely nothing else and can sit down and give him all the attention he wants

It took him months to get this way, he was found under train tracks and I took him in from someone at 4 mos, he used to only come out from under the fridge when I was asleep, now he's about 2 and can't get enough of me... I call him the little puppy the way he follows me back and forth and back and forth...
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Mine follows me around, it is really funny. She likes to hang out with everyone. If I go to the bedroom, she will too (and all the dogs). If I am in the computer room, everyone else is too. If I walk down the hall, they are sure to follow.... The kitchen always gets a lot of attention, they love it when I am cooking, maybe I will give them some too!
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Geronimo & Winchester almost always follow me around...especially Geronimo. Sometimes Geronimo will allow me the privilege of going into another room, but he keeps an eye on me to make sure he knows where I'm at! When I go out onto the porch to feed the strays, they are all usually watching me from either the window or through the door. And I am never lonely when I go to bed at night!

Geronimo is also a "whiner". If I do happen to escape his line of vision, he'll wander through the house, looking for me, whining the entire time. I swear, it sometimes sounds as if he saying, "Mama, Mama!"

When I had back surgery about 11 years ago, I was in the hospital for a week, When I came back home, Maverick followed me around everywhere for about 2 weeks. I guess he was afraid I was gonna leave him again.

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On the weekends, Lucy follows me all over the place until 2pm. Then she gets so tired she has to nap. She tends to sleep heavier at night when I've been home all day.
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Midnight is like your Wesley. Sometimes she follows and sometimes not. My Labrador (Tal) follows me everywhere and when Midnight joins in it's like a little
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post

One of these days I'll figure out what makes me so appealing to cats...
heehee yeah, i had the sweetest Torbie that I've ever met follow me INTO my boyfriend's apartment building until i finally noticed her and petted her for a while. Then I picked her up and brought her outside again and she went on her merry way!

And there was one time when I was walking w/ my friend who's afraid of cats and this cat starts running full speed at us. She thinks the cat's going to attack us and we're gonna die but when he reached us he just circled my legs a while and I petted him. hehe.

I guess that's what makes me a cat person.
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Lily is very discreet about it. If I'm in the kitchen, she'll be lying on the floor or on "her" wicker chair. If I'm in the living room, she'll be on the sofa. And when I'm sleeping, she's always at the foot of the bed, on my side. When I go to the basement to do laundry, she goes down with me and comes back up the stairs with me. I love her company.
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Blossom follows me around if she's awake.
She follows me to the bathroom & uses her litter box at the same time. When I'm cooking she jumps onto the kitchen bench to see what I'm doing. When I'm dusting she likes to catch the feather duster. She used to be weary when I vacuum, but now she likes to watch. At night she sleeps on my bed.
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Yeah Ping follows me around quite a bit. I often tell my mom I must be lo-jacked. Ping will be no where in sight. I will walk to my bedroom and have a sit and he will show up within 2 minutes without fail.
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