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"Hell's Kitchen" - 2 episodes tonight

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For those who like Hell's Kitchen, there are back to back episodes tonight. Last weeks is on now and the new one will be on after that.
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I am going to wait for the new one. Saw the first one already.
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I always forget its on. But I can't watch the new one cause I can't miss The Closer. Will have to catch it on reruns.
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That should have been gone
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OMG! I can't believe tonights episode!!!!! Sent over to the men's team?! OMG! She was a complete disaster and has been since day one. She's one bossy "B". Doubt she will fair any better on the other team!!!
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I would never leave my reception to Hell's Kitchen! I wonder how much the show paid the couple to do it.
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The weekly poll shows 60% that Melissa should have been eliminated, we can just hope that the guys don't deal with her attitude and set her straight
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Melissa is a whiney B, and should have been gone. Rock needs to step up and put the pressure on her so she cracks. He's about the only decent chef on the show. I don't think he really has any competition, unless Julia the short order cook sneaks in there by staying out of trouble.
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IA that Melissa should go, but I think they kept her around for the drama.
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Melissa is a sorry excuse for a chef! Her hair absolutely drives me crazy!!!
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I think they just kept her around because when Aaron left they missed out on one of the eliminations and it wouldn't have enough shows otherwise... now whether it should have been HER who missed the elimination is another story.

Is it just me or is anyone else disgusted at her long frizzy hair being in the food instead if tied up with a net on it like any normal restaurant
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