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Looks like here, we could use a bit of rain though things are starting to get really dry and all the parks have been listed as extreme..

Watching the weather conditions around the world I am sure their are many members out there thinking Man she can have some of ours.

Heading off to work soon, short day today as I have another follow-up appointment at the dentist later this afternoon.

The kitties are great this morning, tracking a moth that got into the house. That should keep them busy for awhile.

Everyone have a good one, and for all our American Members tomorrow
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We have even had some down here, hope you get some rain soon.

A friend told me his neighbour was being an idiot and burning yesterday afternoon despite the fire station being at the top of their road with the warnings and they are not much further North than you!
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Its pouring down with rain here again

Back from work and watching a TV programme about the history of cigarette smoking and smoking in the media - very funny
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Morning all. Thought I would join you all this morning!! Gonna be another hot one here today, up in the 90's. Where is fall??

No big plans for me today, finish laundry that I started yesterday and try to prepare something for supper tonight.

Hope you all have a great day!!
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Good morning!
Where is fall? Nooo, fall is a bad thing! I hate how everything looks like it's dying.. and then there's all that nasty snow.. =( Summer is perfect! YAY heat!

I am uber tired and uberly sore. I was up late last night at the gym and realized that I am at the heaviest weight I've ever been. Sigh! I'm still above average in terms of fitness, but that's still kind of a let down!

Then Trina decided she was in one of her "I'm so lonely but don't touch me" moods and whined all night long. She finally quieted down--as I was leaving for work.

C'est la vie! Today is a good day, though.
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Very tired here. Was running late for work this morning (thanks Pepperpot) so I didn't get a chance to stop off at the Tim's for my Xtra large tea. Thought I could get a tea from the coffee shop at my work. I arrive and lo and behold - it is closed. They sold it and were having renovations done. I couldn't get a tea until break time - it wasn't a pretty sight my friends.

I had a good 5 days off. Got some of theings I wanted down around the house done and watched a few movies (Pan's Labyrinth is awesome - creepy, but awesome). Took my boys to a local bike path along the Humber River yesterday and we all walked 3 km (well, Derek was in the stroller for most of it but Kevin walked almost all of it). It was lovely and peaceful and nature-y.

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Happy 4th of July everyone!! It's 8:05am, my head is KILLING me, and it's also my 22 month anniversary, which means exactly 2 months till we go away!!
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