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All A's and....an F? (A vent in the key of c# minor).

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Wait..what? There is an F on my transcript? I have almost all A's, a couple B's and...an F?

So, we took this chamber music class this past quarter. Me, my two best friends and this random Korean violinist that was "assigned" to our group and ended up hating contemporary music, which was the aim of this group.

Normally, how this class works is that the students meet independently a couple times a week, and then meet with the professor for an hour a week for a "coaching". One student is designated as the "contact" and is the main line of communication between the coach and the students.

So, for the only the second time in the history of chamber music (which we take every quarter), I was not elected the contact. I was a little nervous, but the only other time, my friend had been the contact and it had worked out. Our contact person takes private lessons with the coach and so I was comforted by that as well. Especially since our particular coach is known for his frequent trips out of town and lack of email-checking/returning.

So, we didn't have any coachings in April, which was fine with me since I had just started a new job, inherited a studio and lost my grandfather. Our contact explained that our coach was going to be in and out until May, at which point we contacted him. He forgot, for a month, to bring up coachings, despite seeing our contact once a week. True, we could have been more proactive, and yes we probably should have alerted that coordinator/admins that this was going on. As someone working full time and dealing with about 10 million other things, I let it slide. I know for a fact that other people had taken coachings with this guy, had one or two for the quarter (you're supposed to have 8) and gotten grades. Our contact, when I DID express my concerns, assured me that we would get the credit.

In June, our coach struck a deal with us that if we wrote a paper and made a recording, he'd give us a grade. We made the recording and all emailed him asking him what the paper should be about and how long it should be.

Then, we got an F.

And when we asked why, we got two nasty emails from the department coordinator and the dean about how "four of the best students could let something get THIS out of hand"

Excuse me, but only about half of that was OUR fault. We made the recording, so obviously we rehearsed, and we didn't ignore the paper and I'm sorry, but the coach should have taken one of his 10-15 opportunities to ask us if he had any concerns, and obviously, if he failed us, he was concerned. Yes, we could have been more on top of things, but...grrrrrrr. If they don't think we deserve the credit, then they should strike the class from our records since most of us didn't need it to graduate anyway, and it was a total communication breakdown from A-Z. And as for the dead yelling at us? Sometimes, lady, life happens and these disasters'll pop up. Get over it.

You see, this is why I never want to get another degree. Obviously, this prof, when approached by the dept. coordinator and dean tried to cover his own butt. It's all pointless red tape. I'd rather learn new things unhindered by wastes of time and energy like this, thanks.

(The most funny part of this? I still graduate magna cum laude. Boo ya!)
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If there some feedback that you can give this "professor" that would potentially
effect his job?? Or is he tenured?? He doesn't deserve to be a teacher IMO.
Congrats on the cum laude though.....
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omg! girl i would RANT to the head of the board over this guy! i would also give him a review on ratemyprofessor.com
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OMG! That would be so frustrating! I would be !! Well, congrats anyway on the magna cum laude!! way to go!!
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Congrats on magna cum laude!

That really stinks about your grade. Trust me though in like 3 years it won't matter...the point is that you made it through with honors.

If it makes you feel better though, find out where he lives and spell out "you stink" in jelly bellies (its non-violent so non-threatening)
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post

(its non-violent so non-threatening)
And it's tasty!
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I don't think he takes music seriously. Why wouldn't he just tell you what he wanted you to write?
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I don't know if I understand what exactly happened but I would talk to as many people as I could before I ever accepted an F!!

One semester a professor mixed me up with another person as far as final grades went. It was going to cost me my 4.0. The dean wasn't helpful, the professor was quite rude about it (for sure that he did not make a mistake).
So I talked to some trusted professors, went to a dept. head, and got it straightened out. I had to drive back to my college (grades came out after school was out) and take care of the issue in person, it took a lot of time and effort but in the end the professor was wrong and I got my A!

It is red tape, there is lots of it, but there are people that could help you if you make enough of a fuss, at least there were in my case. It was easier just to accept that grade, since it was the end of my degree and I would still have a high grade point, but I just could not accept it.
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That's outrageous. The arbitrary nature of the whole thing is just unfair to all of you... sheesh, it reminds me of eighth grade! I did one month of eighth grade in Washington, D.C., and then we suddenly got notice that we were being transferred to Fort Hood, Texas. The move called a halt to the science project I was doing, which was supposed to last the whole semester (growing seeds under different kinds of light), and that certainly was no fault of mine, right?

My grades in science were impeccable, because I loved it -- but when I went to collect my report cards on my last day, the science teacher handed me an F! I asked why, and she said, "Because the one thing I will not tolerate is incompleteness."

I was too naive to realize I could fight that -- I just said, "But we're going to Texas, how could I finish it?" And she said, "That's not my problem." AUGH!

My point is, to this day, I have occasional fantasies about going back and whacking that teacher upside the head. So don't let this go! You did the work he told you to do, but you could not do the work he failed to define for you. How is that your fault?

Don't take this lying down! Your Magna Cum Laude deserves to be pristine!
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