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help!! litter trays

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am sorry if i've put this in the wrong place lol... i need advice on litter trays please!! i've recently just had my new kitten Glamorous, i already have a just ova 4 month old 1, n it wosn't 2 bad wiv her, yeh smelt but not as bad as it does now!! i wos usin Catsan the fragranced 1 i think n it wosn't workin aswel as i expected 2 keep the odour unda control... am now usin tesco's own fragranced odour litter n it wos workin a lot betta wiv just 1 kitten, but now that i have 2 of them the smells a lot worse, really strong urine smell, the litter tray is in a large walk in cupboard as i couldn't stand it bein out in the house, which does help until u open that door, then it hits u!! i wos wonderin wot advice ppl could give me, i use the Airwick plug-in things but they don't quite get rid of the smell...
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Best thing I've been doing is having mine out in the open. You can't really contain the litter or the smell will just build up and then no fragrance can cover that up. I also clean it out everyday or even twice a day because my kittens sometimes have really messy and stinky poo. Here are some things I have to sum it all up.
Litter box: http://www.tidycats.com/getpage.aspx?ContentID=228
Arm and Hammer; Litter box deodorizer
Litter liners
A litter mat that's like a tray for easy cleanup. (PetsMart)
Room Sprays by Bath&Body Works (I just like a small burst every now and then, not like I need it.)
Air wick plug in with fan (right behind the litter box)
Litter: PaPurr recycled paper litter (But I've used other kinds before, this is just my current brand.)

I've had a few friends come by and all of them complimented on how my place didn't smell like a typical cat owner's place. "No smell at all."

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me!
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thanks very much 4 that!
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