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Where did you get your cat?

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I have rescued two of my cats but have bought the rest from breeders.
I also have two dogs that where rescued from local shelters.
Denise Russell
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Booger: Stray cat we rescued that is being adopted out to a permanent home.

Lazlo, Shelly and Munchkin: feral rescues that are now indoor pets.

Julius and Spooky: feral rescues adopted to new furrever home last week after being socialized

Magic, Thanksgiving, Tuxedo: ferals that we care for but live outside, are socialized by us now, and are ready for adoption - we are actively looking for homes for them.

All have been spayed or neutered and have had all their shots.

We actively practice TNR and provide food, water and shelter to a multitute of ferals.
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Mystique was a ferel kitten rescue.
Rudy, Brie, and Hallie came from Virginia.
Jake, Tatum, and Drysi came from S. Carolina.
Starbrow "Starry" is one of my kittens!
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I answered an ad in the paper that a cat needed a good home and so thus now we have Peedoodle.
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Sam was given up for adoption by his family, and left at a local kennel. I think probably the one they used for boarding.
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Both of mine were strays.

Kiki - I found her in a barn around my parents house and she was really sick. I caught her and brought her home.

Tigris - I found her on the side of a road one night, eating a dead animal. I caught her and brought her home.

I am a sucker when it comes to strays. If I see one and I can catch it, its coming home with me!!!!!!
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We got Socks from a farm, and two days after we got her, two dogs mauled her mama and her littermates. None of them made it.

And the outside cats... they just showed up one day.
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Fluffy - AZ Humane Society @ 8 weeks
Cinnamon - AAWL (no-kill) at 1 yr
Tigger - Hunter's Exotic @ 14 wks
Gizmo - Donamae Bengals @ 6 wks
Scooter - Donamae Bengals @ 6 wks
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Mine was a stray and I got her brother from a friend;he was orphaned. I told the story somewhere else in here recently, so I won't go into the details again.
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Stray and adoption.
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Just what exactly are your cats laughing about in their pictures?

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Ivo was a stray who was living outside (and probably in) my apartment building. I took her in after a girl who worked in the coffee shop downstairs and my neighbor discovered her in our back hallway.
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came from one of the local humane societies--her original family wasn't allowed to have pets in their apartment, and when the landlord discovered that they had two little cats, they had to give them up. She was being fostered by a co-worker of mine, who had already fostered and successfully placed her sister.
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Both Orion and Draco came from a breeder in Perth (across the other side of the country).
All my previous cats were either rescued or given to me by people.
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Gosh, I could be here all day...

Lets see, Grommitt (now at Rainbow Bridge) came when I was working in a charity shop and a guy turned up with a box of three kittens and we all took one - that's got to be original...

Vedder (rehomed), Shadow and Bel (formerly Bella ) all came via my girlfriend - you'd think she'd learn wouldn't you? She loves and cares well for her cats, but her existing cat HATES them.

Willow and Xantha were a flatmate's kittens who left to visit her mum and never came back. Willow stayed, Xantha was given to a friend of ours in need of a companion.

Suzy (Burman - our only pedigree!) came from the RSPCA as an elderly lady and will be spending her retirement with us.

Jinx and Tango came from a friend's litter (as did Bel). They are now six months old and driving me mad with their kitten antics.

Bonnie was found on the street at 12 weeks old, looking like a 5 week old kitten. Still very small, but a little more filled out now. She has made best buddies with Bel and will be going to Canada with Amanda (who found her) in about three year's time.
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Tara, at the Bridge since last October, walked up to me in the parking lot of my then job. I tried to smuggle her in and keep her in a back room (I was working in a hotel restaurant) but she started howling, so I put her in my car with food and water.

Faile walked onto my friends' porch during a party in the summer of 2001. She ignored their giant German Shepherd and was still there the next morning when my s/o and I woke up. So we took her home. Dan had told her we'd take her if she stayed, and she did. She was so little and dirty and skinny.

Molly: Soon after Tara died, I decided I wanted another cat. I saw an ad in the paper and went and got her the same day. The man who had her and her mom was so nice. I could tell he wanted to keep all of them, but said he couldn't afford the vet bills for 6 cats.
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I needed 2 votes on the poll. Ophelia was stuck between the walls of our apartment building, so we punched a hole in the wall and bribed the little tiny feral kitten in with tuna. We thought Ophelia had escaped (she really just found a really good hiding place to sleep) and we went to the mall to take our minds off of her. Of course, we stopped to "just look" at the kittens in the pet store, and Trent immediately chose us as his parents. Although I know that pet stores are not a good place to get kittens, I'm glad I got Trent. He's the furry love of my life.
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I got Josephine from a foster home, Auxana ran up to me on a busy street, and Sarah was a feral I socialised and took off the streets.
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Ninja Su- From a breeder who was also a close friend

Scooter- A feral rescue

Pokemon- Pet Store in Ohio when we were down visiting my parents

Tomas- From a friend who had kittens

Belle- A feral rescue

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Whiskey-I acquired him when he was 1 1/2 as my friend wanted to stop paying pet deposits. He is now 10 and as happy as can be. He's my favorite boy!! (SSHHHHHH! I don't want Oliver to hear!)

Oliver-I had gotten a second cat (Tango) for Whiskey to have as a companion. After 5 weeks, they still wouldn't get along so I gave him back to the lady I got him from. About 2 months after that, she calls and tells me about this vet hospital she goes to. Someone left a cat by their front door and they were looking for someone to adopt him. I went in and held out my hand; he sniffed it once and then headbutted/rubbed against my hand....and the rest is history! He is now 4.

BTW, Oliver and Whiskey started playing after about 4 days. I think they were meant to be together!
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