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Twix 'n' Kits

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I came home from Arizona theother day expecting to see my darling, tiny kttens... but boy, was I shocked! They had all grown into manly men/lovely ladies. Huge shocker there. It seemed like they weren't mine any more but someone elses and my precious munchkins had been abducted! But they are little beauties still.

Lily acting like the lovely lioness she is

Charlie attacking my camera strap

Peep looking like he needed a good tummy rub...

...then very content after he got one. ("I'm king - no one dares to disturb me!")

Squeak napping

Peep relaxing

Tucker looking high and mighty...

...also infinitely interested in the camera lens! ("Look, mom! The eye is staring at me!)

Twix takin' a bath

Skinny from the kits still nursing
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Aw! Comparing Tucker's eyes with his picture in your siggie is so interesting! From blue to yellowish/orangish... ^.^
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I know... I was hoping they'd stay blue but no luck...they turned gold. He still is my beautiful baby though!
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Awww Look at those gorgeous kits!
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They are gorgeous
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What a bunch of cuties!!! I think they just all need a bunch a scritches! Right under the chin!
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aww, they do grow up quick ! but they are total darlings

very expressive faces

Give those cuties some tummy tickles from us
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