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what to feed cat

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A stray Cat came to work two months ago and we are feeding her. I am feeding her Whiskers dry and wet food. The cat doesn't seem to be drinking anything we left out milk but stooped i heard that milk is bad for cat? Is that threw? then put out water.

The cat is very skinner and thought it maybe because she got worms so got Stronghold to put on her neck. Is this good or would tablet form be better?

I tried to being Snowy to the vet but very nervous when saw box will try again when snowy get used to us more.
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Most cats are lactose intolerant and cow's milk will cause diarrhea. Water is better for them. You could also get some KMR milk or goat's milk at the pet store which would help with the hydration.

I'm not very familiar with Stronghold, but I would think a tablet would be better (or a liquid that you could mix with the food you are giving him/her). If the cat is skinny, you could try feeding it kitten food - it has more calories and could help him/her gain weight. Perhaps you could get the worming medication from your vet now (before you catch the kittie).

Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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I don't know alot about feline nutrition or anything, and I am not familiar with the Whiskers brand, but I'm sure it's fine. However, as Yosemite suggested, I would start giving Snowy kitten food; it is packed with more nutrition and will help your new addition gain weight. We have always fed our kittens cow's milk (fresh from the cow!) and I guess we have always been lucky enough to never have a lactose intolerant cat. I think if your cat's stools are normal, you can feed it, though you may be more comfortable buying and feeding KMR or goat's milk, if the latter is available to you. Let Snowy settle in and get comfortable; perhaps he/she doesn't like the box, period. Try using a collar/harness and leash to take Snowy to the vet; a trip to your veterinarian is much recommended. Good luck with your new companion!
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Thanks for replies will get KMR or goats milk. Snowy is a boy cat I called him a she yesterday. I never seen his stools so couldn’t say if it is normal or not. He covers it in cut grass in end of the garden.

I went to the vet and told him snowy has sore eyes. He is on antibiotics and drops for eyes. He seems to be eating abit better, but will get him kitten food so he put on weight. I rather get the tablets for worms don’t think the stronghold did him any good. Must get him something for flies the stronghold dint keep the flies away.

I wanted him to go to vet to have a full check up because he lost some hair on his face and ears to see what it was. It hasn’t got worse but hair hasn’t grown back yet. When he came first, when we rubbed him, a lot of hair would fall off but has no bald patches apart from the face. Will need to get him neutered some time encase he rabble off. Must buy harness and leash never thought of that thanks.
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Hi Jes,
Bless you and your work pals who are trying to nurse this cat to health again. It can always take time to get a stray cat to come to you. We also took in a stray catafter feeding him for months. Poor guy. He turned out to have FIV+, and several shelters said to put him to sleep. We also had three other cats, and were warned they could get it (FIV is supposed to be like human form: HIV). But he lived a long, full life. AND he never gave it to any of our cats. You can only with blood.

The leash may work, but I have never had good experience with them. For many of my kitties over the years, we have tried, and none of them would deal with a harness, and woudl go berserk, as we tried to put it on. You may want to leave the box/outside with some food inside or such for a few daysuntil he gets used to it. Or maybe get him to trust you by letting him come indoors sometimes for food. Then, eventually take him in. If you suddenly snatch him and take him to the scary vet with needles, he may lose trust in you. But whatever it is, keep doing your great work on befriending a new lovely soul.

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Hi Hana.

I work in a Residential home so can’t bring in the cat. I try to spend time with him every day I work. He trusts me more than other staff. He loves to be rub and play with him but does not like been lift yet. That what scared him the last time I tried so I left him to vet. That’s a good idea about the box. Will buy one and leave food in it, when he is used to it will bring him in to vet. He follows me around when putting clothes on the clothes line. We are lucky we have a big garden. I work seven days a fourth night and I hate leaving him my days off because he loves the company. I love to bring him home, but I live in town with a small garden and he loves been outside. I bought him a house, it is a small dog’s house but he sleeps in it. I never heard of FIV before must read up on it. Your poor little cat.

Thanks for that Hana


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Hi Jes,
Good to hear back from you. Glad he trusts you. Though it's sad, it's also happy knowledge that the kitty misses you on your days off. For holding cats, some like it, some don't. Over my years, I have had darlings who loved so much to be held and cuddled with me (what bliss for me!). But the two cats now, though they are still sweeties, neither can stand being picked up.

I hope that he'll have a loving home eventually, especially when the cold weather comes.

Will send you warm vibes (to you and the kitty!) from Boston (USA)!

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