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King Toby the Tubby and Skinny Queenie Trini.

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My situation is kind of interesting(to me anyway), but also quite annoying at the same time, heehee.

I have two cats(as evidenced from my signature) who are polar opposites on the body scale. Tobster is definately overweight(he's eight)--there are other cats bigger, I'm sure, but I'm still not happy with his whopping sixteen-seventeen pounds(and he was so tiny eight years ago!). Trina(three yrs), on the other hand, is a small cat all around(characteristic of her "breed"). Per All Cat Clinic, she's at a healthy weight for her frame, and I want to keep her that way! She is also getting into the mid stages of pregnancy(which is being handled responsibily--no lectures please, I am a pro at giving them myself).

Despite my efforts, Toby is, to the best of my knowledge, gaining weight. =(

They're currently being free-fed Nutro for the overweight cat, and Trina is also getting fed half-to-three-fourths a can of Science Diet premium kitten food as well as half a spoon full of plain yoghurt for calcium. Toby does not have access to the room until she's done, and he gets to finish up any small scraps she leaves behind.

I think I need to stop free-feeding them for Toby's sake, but I'm not sure how to proceed. I have temporary time limitations(that will disappear around the time she is to give birth) which make it difficult to space meals throughout the day evenly for Trina, who obviously needs to provide for her growing kittens.

What do you guys recommend? I'm really shocked that Toby is looking heavier--since I've moved out, he's gotten loads more attention, been put onto diet food, and finally gets along with Trina who has him running around and exercizing in ways I've never seen him do. Is it possible that maybe he's lost weight and it's just his excess skin spreading out more? Trin, on the other hand, is looking really good and is filling out nicely.

First thing I'm doing is investing in a scale. I want to get my tubby trim again! I need one for the babies anyway.

Any advice or suggestions would be awesome!

To emphasize my point..

He's double her size! He needs to get waaaaayy down to be healthy again. =(
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Hmm, can you perhaps get a large cardboard box and cut a hole in it just large enough for Trini to get in but not large enough for Toby? Unfortunately, Toby is apparently like a couple of my cats have been in that he will eat as long as food is available.
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Actually, that sounds like a really good idea. I'm sure I won't hear the end of it at night, but that might actually work! Do you think I should free-feed her kitten food in her box and give her 1/2-2/3rds a can of wet food maybe? For a ten lb. pregnant cat, the can says to feed two cans.. but she's seven pounds, and also eating other stuff. Hmm.

About how much dry food should I give Toby, and should I give him wet as well? And how will I know whether Trina is eating the dry food or not?
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try 50% wet with the cubby one ... WHICH nutro dry>>??
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Well, it's in a pink bag, and it's formulated for cats that are overweight. Don't know the exact title of it. I'm getting low and need to buy new food anyway.

I think I'll keep Trina on Science Diet for now.. do they have a dry kitten food as well? I know that there's a lot of extra fat and such in it, but I figure the vet wouldn't be promoting it if it was detrimental to a kitty's health. Unless anyone has any suggestions--I have a member card with Petco, so hopefully that'll help some with costs(which aren't a problem, I just am a penny pincher!).

As for Toby, what would work? Half a can of stuff formulated for overweight moggies and a cup of dry or what? I have no idea what rations to feed him--I'm much more informed about how to get them to GAIN weight, not lose it! =)

Thanks for all your help!
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Trina should be EATING kitten food ... My Zoey love the natural choice kitten in the pink bag...SD is not a great food compare it to any grocery food and theyll be nearly the same ...

Toby needs a reg food you have him on light which in cat food is HIGH carb low to moderate protein and low fat... Cats are carnivores... HOw old is Toby

Try uping his wet to fifty % of his food... I wouldnt use a wt control at all.. unless you want to try an indoor with l cartintine to help metabolize fat
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