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Lost Friends

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We started our cat family over 20 years ago.
We had a Girl Dolly and a boy Dexter from the same litter.
Dexter was 9 when he died.

After a while we rescused a black and white cat -we called Buster.
He was very well natured boy, he was 7 when we lost him to cancer. It was very quick, so he didn't suffer, thank goodness.

Our lovely lady had a name change somehow -Tuppence (Tupps) She was part of out family for 18 years in total.
She was so lovely.

Last sept. we took on a new kitten a lovely ginger girl - we called her Huni.
Six week later we lost our Tupps - I think it was old age. (I hope it wasnt the kitten's fault! )
Huni is now preggie and we now waiting for New Arrivals......
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what a wonderful tribute to your family - you can tell they are all still very much in your heart loved and missed

RIP Sweet ones - have lots of happy new adventures over the Bridge
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Beautiful tribute!

RIP Babies
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Oh my word what gorgeous babies they are over at Rainbow Bridge

Play happily sweeties

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Your kitties all looked so happy

RIP Little ones. I`m sure they are all playing together at the bridge now.
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