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Cat Facial Expressions

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How many of you can read your cat's facial expressions? Although they don't smile like we do, can't you tell when they look contented or angry, etc? A lot of it is in the ears, but I swear they're eyes and general demeanor of their face can be very relaxed or vigilant, etc.

Please share your comments on your cats'"facial expressions". Photos of their expressions would be great too.
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I could swear my furbabies are grinning sometimes, when they're getting scritches and loving and they're purring and drooling and kneading - they're in heaven then!

My favourite though is what I call the 'feral, glowy-eyed look' when a light is being reflected in their eyes which makes them glow and their pupils are dilated to their maximum because they're playing feral games (usually initiated by me!).
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I love it when I scritch Peedoodle behind the ears and he has this look of love in his face, like he is so much in love with you. Its a sweet expression. I also love it when he has been sniffing something so intently that he looks up with his mouth open and he looks so goofy.
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Whenever Rowdy is playing with Ike, Opie gets this disgusted expression on his face. It seems as if he's thinking: "How COULD you play with that big, dumb, clumsy creature?" Opie does not have a high opinion of dogs.
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Kellye, we get those "looks of love" from our babies, too! Trent especially, like when he's snuggling and getting scritches and he will look up at me with his eyes half closed and you can just feel the love coming from him. It's so sweet!!!

Ophelia has this funny look when she's snuggling with Daddy and is getting scritches, she gets so relaxed that her ears go sideways. She looks like Yoda. LOL I've tried so hard to get a pic of her with Yoda Ears, but I haven't been able to yet. She's just so content and relaxed.
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I love the sleepy face. My cats wear it when they're fighting sleep, or when I just shook the treat bag and woke them up. They come for treats, but they still look like they want more sleep.
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Fred has many expressions, from smiling to utter contempt. He is old and love to sit by a heater. He will just smile and stare off into space.
Georgia has the "I'm SO busted look" when I catch her doing something naughty. She also has the "I love you so much" all wide eyed and adorable look.
Pearl usually just looks scared, unless Fred lets her share the heater. Then she rolls on her back and waves her paws with a look of pure bliss!
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Peedoodle sometimes has that 'Im so busted look' when I call out his name and he looks suddenly at me with his eyes all wide and I have to think to myself 'What is he up to?'
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Rowdy has an "I'm full of the devil" look. Yesterday, she looked me right straight in the eye and snagged an ornament off of the tree.
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Snowball has several facial expressions, here are a couple of them:

There's the "I'm purrfectly content" look, this is seen when he's lying in front of a warm heater or in someone's lap. He just lays very still with his eyes mostly shut and looks completely relaxed.

The "what's going to happen next?" look, when Snowball doesn't quite understand something that is happening he gets a look of intense concentration on his face. His eyes are open wide, and his face has a really alert, interested look. On the top part of his head we can see some type of little ridge that only shows up when he's really intent on something. We even have a name for this ridge, it's "Snowball's think line."
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