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job interview vibes/advice

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Ok, so I am a student radiographer (I take x-rays) and during our senior year we are eligible for a student tech job. I've been looking, and haven't seen any listings. Then a couple of weeks ago, I found one and posted an application. Thursday afternoon I received an email reply to my application saying that the director was interested in talking to me and wanted me to call her to set up an interview. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Really, you can't imagine!

Anyway, I called and left a voicemail Friday morning. .... still haven't heard anything. How long do I wait before I leave another one? This morning I sent a reply to the email.... just in case. I have called a couple of times this morning, and have only gotten her voicemail, but didnt' leave one.

I am only out of school for 3 more days and then I start my next clinic rotation. I do 40 hr/weeks at a different hospital.

What should I do? How long do I wait? Would she reply to my application only to leave me hanging now? AAAAHHHH!! I want this job SO bad!!

Thanks for listening!
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I would say that if you haven't heard from her yet this afternoon (after lunchtime) maybe give her a call back & leave another message stating that you were calling regarding that and you would like to set something up to meet with her before you start your next clinic rotation because you'll be pretty busy and you want to set something up before hand

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Better yet, if you can write a note of thanks for the interview and reiteration of your interest in the job and hand-deliver it there today, that might get more attention...
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I'm sending vibes that you get an interview and don't die of anxiety waiting to find out
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More vibes being sent that everything goes as it is supposed to
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Keep in mind that its the week of Fourth of July...we're business but about 1/3 of our staff is gone all week. She could have contacted you, never changed her VM and left for vacation until after the 4th.

I would call one more time either today or tomorrow and leave another message. Keep in mind that you want to be assertive, but not annoying. If you don't hear from her by next Monday definitely give a 3rd and final call (any calls after that and she's just blowing you off...maybe something changed).

Good luck!
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that you get the job you want.
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I would definitely leave a message for them. They are probably busy and haven't had time to call you. Don't let them forget about you, but also don't be annoying. If you just leave a message they will get it when they get back in the office. If they haven't called all week, then I'd call again either Friday or Monday. If you haven't talked to them by next Monday, then they don't need you anymore. Good luck!
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Ok, so I called several times today. BUT, I didn't leave a message. I was just waiting for that one time when she might answer. I had planned on leaving another message tomorrow.

Well, just after 4:00 SHE ANSWERED!! I was so shocked I almost couldn't figure out what to say.

So.... I have an interview tomorrow morning at 10:00!! She never replied to my email or returned my call. Why would you do that to someone anyway?

Now I need good interview vibes! Thanks all!!
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Good luck!!

I really hope that you get it.
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