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Dougie has been put to sleep

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And all of a sudden I feel like I am just losing it...I just realised that I will never touch him again...never hear him purr anymore...or watch him play...climb trees...chase of other cats...and oh my gosh, it hurts so bad...it really really hurts so much. All I can do is cry...I want to throw myself down on the floor and scream. I hate this feeling, I want my cat back so bad...I just want to have a playful healthy Dougie with me soooooo bad... I miss him so much and I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like my heart is breaking even more now and I am just losing it. I miss him so incredibly much, I knew it would hurt...I knew it would hurt terribly...but I didn't even know it would hurt this much...my whole body is aching with grief. All I can do to temper my emotions just a tiny bit is type and type and type...I really hope you won't mind reading about this again and again...but when I type I don't cry so much. He was put to sleep 5 hours ago
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Keep typing and keep talking. That is the only way that you will eventually be able to get through this - you need to get it out of your system. Cry as much as you want to - it's a genuine and real loss - and anyone who tells you the loss of a pet is nothing, well they have either never owned a pet or are just heartless.

It will get better, honestly.

Everyone here sympathises with you so very much, and that's why we are here - to share the good and the bad, to laugh with you and cry with you. You need that shoulder to cry on right now, so just go right on ahead.
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Please do write to us and tell us all the cute and endearing things Dougie did. I know how special he has been to you, and I can understand why your grief is so intense. Get the tears and emotions out. Our hearts are with you. God bless.
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Eclipse, I just wanted to say you have my sympathy. I have lost pets before too, and I really understand all the pain you are feeling. For me, the first couple of days after a pet's death are always the hardest to get through. After that it gets a little bit easier.

I agree with the others, please keep typing to us about Dougie, there are people here who are ready and willing to help you cope with your loss. And after a while you will find it starts getting easier to remember all the happy times when you think about Dougie. My thoughts are with you.
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Thank you for the moving email with Dougie's picture. I am uploading it here so that you will be able to share it with everyone.

My deepest sympathies!
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Thank you very much for attaching the picture of my baby Anne. Dougie is (it is still so hard to speak in the past tense) the pale red cat in the picture and the dark cat is his mum who thankfully I still have. My heart hurts when I look at him, I miss him so terribly...but I can't not look at him either. Please have a look at my baby.
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He's so beautiful. Thank you, Eclipse and Anne, for allowing us to see your dear cat! I'm so glad you have some good pictures of him.
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Dougie's a very handsome boy. He will be with you always in your heart. I know how very, very hard it is to lose something that important to your life, and you have my sympathies and my shoulder. Try to think of the good times you had with him, and you obviously have many, many, many wonderful memories of your time with him.
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Dougie is just beautiful!!! My heart aches for you, I can feel your pain! I know that is exactly how I will feel when Merlin dies...I have lots of furbabies and I love them all, but merlin is my special one, the one I am closest too and my heart will just break in two when he crosses the bridge. I am so sorry for your loss! I said a prayer just now that God would help to ease your pain. We are here for you, and we care very much.
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Oh, Eclipse,

I'm sorry about your loss of Dougie. What a handsome cat he is!!! I agree with previous posters about talking about it. Let us know the wonderful memories you've shared with Dougie.

Also, take as much time as you need to grieve over your loss. Many people don't understand that these furry felines are a huge part of our families. I'm so happy you have all of us to come to - and we'll understand! It's never easy to lose a loved one - and it's my belief a pet that has loved us unconditionally is one of the hardest losses to bear.

Please know that if you need to talk, I'm here for you and will try to help in any way possible.
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*sigh*... I am still alive... but haven't visited the forum so much... for some reason every time I do lately I begin to cry... I still miss Dougie so very much. I suppose I will for another while. And besides all that my mum has been in hospital to have elaborate surgery so life has been hectic and wearing me out emotionally... but I do want to let you all know that I really appreciate your support and that I really do intend to post on the forum more often... and a special thank you to Carrie, you have been a great help! You are -just like the others on here- a truely wonderful person with a kind heart, I saved your emails and still read them and read about Angel from time to time. I will find the time to send you an email one of these days. Bless all of you!
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Eclipse, I'm so sorry you are still in such pain. I know you still have your mother cat, but have you considered adopting a needy kitten? Perhaps you could visit a shelter. You'll know whether the time is right or not. Keeping busy and being a new "mommy" might help you with your pain. You won't ever replace Dougie, of course, but kittens have a way of making us laugh, of being naughty and needing to be taught, and take our minds off of our problems for a little while.
Perhaps a visit to the Cat Lounge would help a bit. There might be a light subject that interests you. You might also be helpful to people who are asking for advice or prayer. Just some ideas. Do what you feel is best, of course. My heart is with you. God bless. I hope we hear from you soon.
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Hi Eclipse.
I just put my 8yr old to sleep two days ago. Max had cancer that spread to his lungs. I am going through the same grief right now. I have the song "Goodbye Girl" playing over and over in my head. I am on the verge of tears at any moment. It is so hard to lose him. He has meant so much to me. I have grown up with animals but this little guy was a soulmate to me. I know that it was time for him to go though. I have to face reality and that was to take the pain away from him. I figure that either now or eight more years from now it will still be as painful.
My thoughts are with you. It's good to grieve. You will get better and find another wonderfull kitty. They are out there.
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