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Help dealing wih pet rescue/pet store(long sorry)

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So I need some advice. There is a pet store/beauty salon(don't ask its Southern California). They have 3 kittens that live in a nice size cage. There are 2 black and one orange tabby. They are from a local rescue center, not back yard breeder, and placed there for adoption. They are all from the same litter and are 13 weeks old now. My concern is this....

Every day I walk buy, when the store is open, the kittens are happy getting lots of love. They have supervision so their bowls and things are always full. Their litter box is hidden out of veiw by a small sceen. During the day everything is fine. However I also walk by late at night on my way home from work. Every night I noticed that because of them playing they knock the water bowl and food bowl over, creating this weird goo like food, you know dry food and water, turns into slop. Plus tonight the screen that hides the litter box was pushed over and covering the litter box completely. There was no way for the little ones to use the box. So they had no food, no water, and no box. All night long.

I have no idea what time this all occured but I know the store closes at 6 pm and opens at 10 am, everyday 7 days a week. I think that is too long for kittens to be without food, water or box. I approve of the fact that they are rescues, the cost of the kittens is the same as the shelter so the store is not making any money plus they are getting really good food, Wellness Kitten. They come with all the shots, microchip and spay/neuter. The store owner obviosly cares.

I need to know how to handle this. Do I talk to the owner and tell her my concerns? If it were me I would ake the kittens home with me everynight. She may not be able to do that. When I do talk to her what do I say? Should I recomend she get bowls that attach to the cage? What about the box? They need some privacy but if the screen is going to fall over and cover it, maybe they need something else instead. What can I recomend for box privacy? If she is not responsive should I call the rescue center and report her? Will they come and take the kittens? If they do what will happen to them?

Oh yea, there is also a feather boa that wraps around the top of the cage that the kittens play with. Are feathers okay for them or should I recomend they take the boa down?

I just don't know what to do. The kittens are well fed and cared for, very well. I just worry about them at night. I stop by every time I walk by just to say hi to them, whether its just trough the window or I go in. I have grown quite attached to them, especialy the little tabby. She always puts her paw up to my hand and says hi. Please don't tell me to just go get her. We can not handle 2 cats at the moment. Karma is enough for now. If I could take even 1 I woul but I can't. I just want to make sure they are safe and cared for while wating to go to their forever home.

Please help me figure out what to do.
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*IF* it were me....

I would offer a solution, rather than just voicing concerns.

What about buying some heavy ceramic bowls and take them in as a donation? This way the kittens will not knock them over? And perhaps buy a cheap hooded litterbox to eliminate the need for a screen partition?

Anyone who is active in rescue, even stores, appreciate donations, and you can offer them to her as a donation, BECAUSE you've noticed this, this, and this, happening as you walk home in the evening.

That's personally what I would do.

It's great of you to care, and it's great that even though it seems odd to have a salon and a pet store together, at least they are rescue-friendly, rather than supporting puppy/kitty mills.

Good luck.
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Well, there is nothing wrong with water and dry food mixed, that is one way you get kittens to be weaned so they can eat that if they want to really.

Then if they need to go to the bathroom, they can probably jump on top the screen and scratch it out of the way, or pee on top of it then the workers will have more to clean up and maybe figure things out...

I don't know, that stuff happens, kittens knock things over. They aren't going to die without food or water for the night. Of course it isn't ideal but I am sure it doesn't happen every single night.
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I second the heavy bowls. A 13 week old kittenw ould have a hard time knocking those over, and taking out the screen at night, or getting a hooded box.
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I love the ceramic bowl suggestion.

Mixing wet food with water is not a good idea because of bacteria issues so I would also suggest they try to keep the water away from the food.
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I agree with the heavy bowls, maybe if you have a couple spare you could drop them in and say something friendly and constructive like 'I noticed last night when I was walking past that they had knocked their bowls over, that must have been an awful mess for you to clear up, so I thought you may appreciate these spare ones of mine because they won't get knocked over as easily'.

I would have thought that if a rescue has placed kittens there then ultimately they are the rescue's responsibility, so I would address any further concerns to them rather than the salon.

Sonic ran straight into his bedroom water bowl last night and managed to get water from one end of the room to the other - including the bed
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Pet stores take donations all the time. If you say, "hey I have some spare cat bowls you can have to use for the kittens so they cant knock the food over, it will make less of a mess for you guys." Usually they will take the donations, but sometimes they dont always do what you say with the items. It's a risk you can take if you want, but if it saves them time and less of a mess im sure they'll use it for the kittens.

They also have dome litterboxes, they have privacy and cant be knocked over. But they are more expensive then your average square litterbox.

You could always find people who would adopt them too.
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