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What is this Snugglekitty I've heard so much about and where does one go to get one? Any help is greatly appreciated since it sounds like some of your cats really like these things (whatever they are). I feel so out of the loop.

Thanks much,
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Here is the link to a review I wrote that tells all about Snugglekittie. If you buy one this month, and mention thecatsite.com you get a special discount on the product.

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Sandi, I'm a foster mum for orphaned and abandoned kittens and I absolutely LOVE the snugglekitty. It's a far cry from the old hot water bottle and ticking clock! It's not just for little ones though, people with adult cats and dogs say they love them and the snugglepet is the best comfort for them.

I have the grey kitty and the batteries in the heart last for a week with it going 24/7. Also, one of the best things about snugglekitty is that it's fully washable. Trouble is, what do you do while it's in the washing machine??? LOL I even throw mine into the dryer and it's dry in an hour.

If you can afford one, it'll be one of the best things you can get your pet.
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I bought one for Gizmo when he was a kitten, but he snuggled more with his monkey. I think the snuggleme kitty is a great idea.
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Sandi - Lucky may enjoy a snuggle kitty, but your little love bug has gone well past the stage of needing one at this point! Now she's got snuggle-Sandi (and hubby)!!!!!

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I have spent ages trying to find snugglekitties over here, the only place I found involved emailing my credit card details to them

As that didn't seem very secure I didn't bother.

So for now the search goes on

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Thanks for the info all. I have visited the site and plan to order a couple (one for each cat, of course).

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The kitties are having a great Christmas this year!!!! Your hedgehog doesn't need one?

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I didn't end up ordering any of these quite yet. The lady called me back and I explained about my cats and their ages and all and she more or less discouraged me from getting any. She was very nice, don't get me wrong, but she said it's much better to get these Snuggle Kitties when your cats are kittens as they'll take better to them and that our 17 year old may not accept it. I'm not sure about Lucky as she does sleep on the bed now at night, but during the day, she's still sleeping under the bed. I'm still debating whether Lucky would enjoy one. I may just get some anyhow and if they don't work with these two, I'll put them away for when we get a kitten in the future or for a traumatic experience (hopefully none expected). She did however, tell me it was good to donate them to shelters.

Marie, if you visit that link Hissy put in this thread earlier, they have a 1-800 number you can call and then give them your credit card number over the phone - instead of emailing it. I didn't know if that would help or not.

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Even thought Charm isn't sick anymore - she still loves her SnuggleKitty - thought you'd all enjoy this.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww! That's so cute, These Snugglekitty thingy's sound so sweet!
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