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Hey, Auntie Joan!
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I got a kick out of seeing how the name Haynes/Hains changed down the line. In my line Kifer came out of Kaeuffer.
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I am related to Matthew Thornton, who is the last signer of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENENCE!!!! Fitting, considering that today is Independance Day!!!!!!!
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My great-great-great-great-great grandfather was John Hart, signer of the Declaration of Independence for New Jersey. We're still here, Grandpa
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Originally Posted by ladycat View Post
ha, supposidly Billy Bob thorton is some kinda cousin. my great gramma is a thorton, and my 2nd cousin Mark has an uncanny resemblance to him.
My last name Thornton!!!!
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annie oakley..the sharpshooter..on my mom's side :-)
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Originally Posted by IBelongInTheZoo View Post
My last name Thornton!!!!
I saw that, and I knowticed I i hadn't spelt it correctly like half the words in this sentence...hmmm.......wouldn't that be funny if we were related!!!?
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I'm related to a member of the Wild Bunch on my mom's side - same last name, but we didn't inherit the outlaw trait!
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I'm related to Susannah Martin. Hung in Salem, Mass in 1692. Hubby is related to several Kings including William the Conquerer.
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Aside from being a STAR myself, I'm related to Buddy Hackett. There could be more, but I don't know how to check a family tree.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
Aside from being a STAR myself, I'm related to Buddy Hackett. There could be more, but I don't know how to check a family tree.
Go to

Sign up and you get 3 days free. Start with yourself and your parents/grandparents and then it will search based on what you enter to see if it can find census, marriage, military, death records or anything else. It's pretty easy really to do.
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I used Ancestry for a couple of years but ran out of money for the $300 a year Great site. I love the newspaper articles, saves a lot of wading through archives in RL. You can also search censuses and some birth/death records of other countries.

You can also use (free) - lots of info but the info is entered by regular people. So it can sometimes be incorrect. Saw one guy who traced his lineage back to Adam and Eve I do like the site for Social Security, death/birth/census info and use it as a starting point then go on to verify it.

For example, I have a dead end on a great great grandmother. Guess how many Mary Clarks there are in the history of the world! Found one that looked promising but it shows Mary as being 5 years old when she gave birth to my great grandmother (whos dates are verified), so that is not correct. Not sure why the person posting it didn't catch that error. But since she didn't, the entire tree before that gggrandmother is suspect.

However, I have found many that are correct, so it is possible.

My local county library has free online access to several databases. I use the census database mostly. I believe the US census goes back to 1790 or so but not all regions are listed. Women and children aren't listed with their own names until about 1860 if I remember correctly. Its been awhile since I have looked at my stuff. and both have community boards where anyone can post questions or search (free) for info others have posted.

I also will simply google an ancestor's name. Often it will lead to a website by someone who is working on the same line or has a link to the line.

Genealogy research really is like a puzzle and is completely addicting!

Hijack over
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