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New Diego pics

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Here's some more pics of my baby Diego

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oh my ! Diego is such a sweetheart

his fur looks really deep and rich give him some chin scritches from us
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Beautiful kitty!
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Aww, Diego is such a sweetheart! And you gotta love those eyes...
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He's a doll-baby
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I just love that cute little face!!
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I just want to touch him! He looks so soft!
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I just love the way this guy eats, he doesn't sit there eating like a regular cat, but rather he lies there with 1 paw in his bowl. Sometimes he does what one of mums cats did and thats scoop the biscuits out with his paw and eat them. Although Diego scoops them out and throws them on the floor, chases and bats them around a little before eating. (didn't get any pics of that though.


Lying in a bucket. Weird cat
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very adorable. i just love russian blue, they are immaculate. how's he feeling?
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He seems to be better but I'm still a bit concerned for Neko coz he's still having the odd coughing fit. So they are still kept separate and we keeping Neko indoors until we are certain he won't get worse.
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O my, Diego is just GORGEOUS, he is certainly a character too He is just soo cute
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Oh he's adorable i love the pic of him eating it may be a strange method but it gets the job done lol he looks almost edible he's so gorgeous
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what a CUTIE!!!
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He is adorable. I'm glad we have some more Russian Blues here on the site. They are one of my favourite breeds.
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