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Before & After pics

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Damita, Dorky Fish, & Ophelia went from this:

To this:

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How adorable are they???
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I Lurve Damita's thick thick tail!!! They are all gorgeous
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aww - all your babies are so special - give them some chin scritches from us

oo and a big from Miss Moofs
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Awww Great pics
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Beautiful Pictures, that a very adorable group you have there.
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Awww! Bless them. They`re all stars.
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I love those pics!! They aure are a bunch of cuties!
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What better than the pictures is the name Dorky Fish!! (Actually you can't beat the picture of the 3 cuddling). I really get a charge from some of the names people have for their pets!!!
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lol you gotta love dorky fish, he has such a ability in his face for expression
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Awww, they all look so beautiful and so well cared for, such pretty babies their growing up to be!
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