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How Much Does Your Cat Weigh?

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I think the average weight of a domestic cat is 10 pounds. My cats are all mixes except for one. Anyway, here's all of my cats weights.

Twinkles-Female, DSH Calico, 9 years, 7 pounds.

Peppurr-Male, DSH Tuxedo, 21 months, 13 pounds.

Vader-Male, DSH Black, 18 months, 10 pounds.

Mimi-Female, DSH/Siamese cross, 17 months, 8 pounds.

Majesty-Female, Bengal, age unknown, 11 pounds.

Mischief-Female, Gray Tabby, 8 months, 6 pounds.

Hercules-Male, DSH/Siamese cross, 5 months, 5 pounds <-- Hurk is huge!

Felix-Male, DSH/Manx cross, 19 months, 10 pounds.

Xena-Female, DSH/Siamese cross, 5 months, 4 pounds.

All together my cats weigh 74 pounds!

So, how much do your cats weigh?
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I just weighed Peedoodle the other day, he weighs 20 pounds. He is a big cat
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I'm not really sure. But probably too much. It's just...uh, her winter layer...yeah, that's it. We both got some winter layer...
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Sockiesmom, yeah that's it...a winter coat on me too... Western Australia...
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Fred and Pearl weigh about 8 lbs. each. Georgia is very petite at 5 lbs. My sweet Leo, gone to the bridge, weighed a whopping 22 lbs. I have my eye on big fellow that is currently being fostered at the rescue lady's home. He is pure black and weighs a lovely 25 lbs. I hope she still has him when I move soon. She is very partial to him, and I think is looking for the exact right person to adopt him, so he will not be going back to the cages at Petsmart. I have had several conversations with her and I think she likes me.
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Molly is just over a year old, and weighs 11 pounds. She doesn't look too big, but she has a belly. She is solid when you pick her up.
Faile is 1 1/2 and weighs 9 pounds. She looks like she weighs more, but it's all fur.
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Spidey is 1 year and a few months. He's long and not fat, he weighs 11.5 pounds.

Poppy is smaller, and bunchy. I call her my bunny cat. She is about 5 years old, and weighs 8 pounds.

Both are shorthairs.
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Spike is a male DSH and is 2 years and 8 months old. He weighs about 9 - 9.5 pounds.
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Jeez, I must have huge cats! Both cats are about 8 months and Jorin weighs about 12 lbs. Tiger is catching up at about 9 lbs
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That's what the Vet said when my kitties weighed in at about 13.5 pounds recently. They are both four years old.
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Abby - 7 pounds - about 5 months old.
Anna Bell - 6 pounds - about 4 months old.
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Ivo is now 2, and a little under 12 pounds (11.8, at her last vet's visit). When I took her in, at 1 year, she weighed a little over 6 pounds. She's on a diet (Science Diet Light Hairball Control), because in the first few months I had her, she almost doubled her weight. The vet was concerned about her putting on weight so fast. But now, she has a nice set of hips and her ribs are feelable when you pet her hard. She's a little girl, but the 11 pounds plus looks healthy on her.
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Alexis 6 months 6 pounds

Lady Luck 8 months 7 pounds

Lady Bug 2 years 10 pounds

Attar 8 months 12 pounds
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Nakita is 6 months old and is 3.1 pounds. Her mother is only 5 pounds so we expect her to be the same. Russian Blue's are a smaller breed averaging 5 - 7 pounds.
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Miss Arizona weighs in at a whopping 18 pounds. She looks like a wee pointy-eared cow.
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My oldest male Peppurr is 35 inches long, so that explains why he is so heavy! The average domestic cat weighs 5 pounds at 6 months. Hercules is 27 inches long. Here's a couple pictures of Hercules.

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Orion is almost 12 months old and weighs 11 pounds.
Draco is 17 weeks old and weighs 4 pounds.
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Cooper = 7 months / 4.5lbs

Shes a pretty small framed cat (but she loves to eat!)
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My Ragdoll Simon turns five-months-old on Jan. 1. He was last weighed on Dec. 2 and was 5.6 lb.'s at that time! I know Raggies get big, but I think we'll eventually have a 20-pounder on our hands!

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