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Help with force feeding

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I have a kitten who is being treated for URI. He now can't smell his food and has stopped eating. He's around 7 -8 weeks old. He's very fluffy so you can't tell he's all bones until you really feel his ribs. I don't know how to force feed since I've never done it but I do have a general idea. My hubby is at work so it's just me here to do this. I tried warming up wet cat food, warmed up dry with water, baby food, everything I can think of. He's meowing at me to let me know he's hungry but he just won't eat.

How do I wrap him and how much do I get into him? I have small syringes that I use for the meds he takes so I can use those. They hold approximatly 3cc's of liquid.

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if you do a search on this forum = put in "assisted-feeding site" hopefully that will pull up a message or two that lists a specific website that is good to refer to.

I assist-feed Tyler - I blenderize his food to a fine puree, use a 10 cc syringe, and feed only 1-2 ccs at a time- try to get this into side of cheek, not towards back of mouth as he could choke..or across the front section of his tongue.

Be prepared for flinging food even if all goes well.

Now for me, Tyler just stands on a towel and lets me feed him, but if you do wrap up this fellow, prop him on your lap so he is sitting up in the towel, back resting against your arm, and gently insert the syringe.

You can also try making the wet food into tiny meatballs, which you gently place in mouth so he has to chew, or placing smears of wet food on his tongue (be prepared with this method to get a bite or two, even though unintentional.
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As Pat-Alix says. In the corner of the mouth, across the mouth. NOT down into the neck.
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Thank you both but Odie is now at the vet hospital. He was admitted earlier today to undergo fluids and meds. I hope my little puffball makes it. Things aren't looking too good for him right now.
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oh, I'm so sorry he had to go to the hospital. I hope he can get better! Hugs.
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Aww, poor kitty!

If you get him back and he's still not eating, just get you some KMR, make sure it is a little warm, and feed him 3 syringes at the very least, every 4 hours. Please let us know how is goes. )))get well vibes((( for your baby!
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