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So exhausted.

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So the past few weeks.. (maybe months.. I don't even know) have been crazy hectic.

At the rescue we have jumped in numbers, big time. We are getting close to 200 now.. probably about a dozen away or so.
Several of them being kittens, of which I am in charge of.
Last year we dealt with a lot of sickness in the kittens.. and so far this year we haven't lost one kitten to sickness. Knock on wood. -does so-
I have been uber careful about EVERYTHING. and I am really stressing over these little ones... I don't want to lose any this year at all. Which of course isn't going to happen.. you can't save them all, as much as I'd like to... sometimes it's just not meant to happen.

But anyway... I'm getting so stressed about it that I have been making myself physically sick, I think. I've lost almost 10lbs (NOT healthy for someone already under 100lbs) I blacked out once, and have felt dizzy several other times. And I am ALWAYS tired.
But I can't sleep.

Now I did try a sleep aid... but it didn't work. it took forever for me to fall asleep, and still only ended up with 5 hours or less. Not to mention my eye had an almost non-stop twitch for 2 weeks.

Anyway... is there anything I can do to calm myself down.. and sleep better? Maybe get some good long sleeping vibes?
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I don't have advice but am sending you calming, sleepy vibes!
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Have you ever tried mental imagery? Just lie down in a dark room, eyes closed, and imagine that you're in some other place, a peaceful place you love... probably a place without cats, because it needs to be a respite from your day.

Envision this place in great detail, and hold the details in your mind as you develop them. Once you see the place clearly, work on the sounds and the smells of it... and all the while, let your breathing get slow and regular. You may feel as if you're sinking down into the mattress a bit, being cradled by it, and that's wonderful. Keep the vision in your mind, keep it clear and present in your awareness... and know that it's safe there, and you can rest now...

This level of mental effort will first focus your mind on this peaceful place, and away from the worries of your life. Then, after awhile, it will simply tire your mind -- it will gradually exhaust your mental energy and allow you to drift off into sleep more easily... in a place where your worries cannot follow you.

I hope it helps... sleep well, and please take care of yourself.
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