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Support with Kitten w strain/sprain ankle.

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Today our 11 week old kitten jumped off our dining room table and hurt her leg. We rushed her to the emergency vet. The vet was very nice! He took a few x-rays and told us he the x-rays look good no breaks. He thinks she just strained/ sprain her ankle or injured her growth plate. He wants her to rest no running, jumping, stairs. I have her in a lg crate with her litter box food, towel and her soft bed. He also gave her some meds.

Would like to talk with anyone who has had this problem. Any tips would be great!
Kelly and Dennis and hurt kitty Gracie
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Awww Im sorry to hear this poor Gracie. I havent had any expereince with this myself but Im sure someone will be along to advise you.

How is she doing in the crate?
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Thanks for your post.

She is doing good. She has been sleeping. All the stress has made
her tired. I'll keep you posted on how she is coming along.

Thanks again,
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Kittens do heal very quickly. You may find with just a sprain, she may be walking normally by tomorrow. But rest is good for her now. Please keep us posted.
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Pumpkin spent weeks 6 through 12 of her life in a crate, because of a broken leg. Surgical repair wasn't practical, she was just too small.

It was a very long 6 weeks for a restless kitten (and me!). Like Pami said, I think Gracie's injury will probably heal much quicker that that, though.

This sounds silly, but the biggest challenge I had was finding a water dish that she wouldn't play in or spill. I tried everything, including the ones that clamp on the crate and she made a mess with all of them. In the end, the best thing was a big heavy coffee mug.

Other than that, she was just restless. She had a little trouble with constipation (and consequently vomiting), probably due to the inactivity. Changing her food and mealtimes fixed that.

I hope Gracie feels better soon!
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don't worry kelly, she will be fine, you would be amazed at how fast they heal.
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Thank you for all your posts! She is putting a little weight on it and walks
with a limp. I can't wait for her to be up and running around again.
I know it will take some time for our monkey girl to be back monkey self.

Thanks again.
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My cat Willow just recently sprained one of her front legs. The first week it got worse instead of better. At first she put weight on it and then she quit putting weight on it. My vet ended up giving her a shot for the inflammation and it helped a lot. It has been 2.5 weeks and she is now putting weight on it again. I kept her confined to a room. She mostly slept but she is 6 years old and not a kitten.
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Thanks for all the suport! She is walking with a little limp.
We go back to the vet next wed. I'll let you know what the
vet has to say.
Thanks again!!!
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