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That'll teach me

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After having an outstanding vet bill for umpty dozen days, I paid them off yesterday! So what happens? Kahuna tangled with one of the new renter's un-neutered cats! There are 5 toms living in the neighborhood now. I had to step in with a rake to get them apart. Kahuna has had his neck tore open. He went to the vet, got stitched up and is on antibiotics and is in exile in the cat room. He was crying so badly, I finally took a cardboard box and set it at the bottom of the stairs right behind the door that blocks the entrance, covered it with a blanket and put Snugglekittie inside. Kahuna immdiately went in and snuggled down and is sleeping now......sigh....I tried to talk to the boozing renters about getting their cats neutered, but they were less than receptive to the idea. Thankfully Taz and Squirrel go in next week to get spayed.

But please say a prayer for Kahuna, he is not feeling well.
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Poor little guy! I truly hope he feels better soon! I'll say a little prayer for him tonight....
Sending get well wishes for Kuhuna!!!!!
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I am also keeping Kuhuna in my thoughts and prayers.

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How terrible. No way to get the renters to split the vet bill? No way to insist the renters get their cats sterilized? It just makes the blood boil.

Poor baby. Keeping Kahuna in my heart and prayers!
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Would it be possiable to turn them in either to the landlord or the local humane society. They may come pick up the cats and then the owners would have no choice but to have them fixed.
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I would be tempted to catch the Toms and get them neutered myself. People like that would probably never even notice the difference!

Sending my healing thoughts straight to Kahuna.
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I would do the same! They probley won't notice!
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Poor Kahuna! He's getting postive healthy energy coming at him.
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Thanks guys!

Just got home from the vets and they were amazed at how fast he is healing up! So am I, because he broke out of confinement the second night and got outside! I was so worried, but he came back home the next morning and promptly got his butt back in confinement. But he is doing great! Thanks for the positive energy and the prayers!
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Thanks so much for the update. I've been worrying about him. It's so nice to hear a "positive prognosis" (despite what could have been a solid setback).

...now all you have to do (in addition to everything else you do) is find some way to get the renters' cats sterilized.

Sounds like fun (not)!

Keeping Kahuna in my prayers.

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