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Guardian Angel in Germantown TN?

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I don't know if this type of post is allowed so I apologize profusely if it isn't.

I adopted a kitten from a woman who posts on Craigslistmemphis when she kittens. All I really remember about you is you lived in a big house in Germantown and we had a copy of a painting you did. We adopted a kitten you called Tigger, and renamed her Angel. I really wanted to speak to you to let you know what an important part of our family Angel is.

I'm taking a wild stab in the dark here. This just definitely seems the kind of place she'd be online.
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I can't see why it would be a problem! If she's an artist, maybe you could search gallery websites in her area... or art guilds... ?
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The TCS member StarryEyedTiGeR (Nikki) works at a shelter very near to Germantown, she may "possibly" know of someone if this person has kittens often. I will PM her this thread.
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I bet it was Guardian Angel! if you can pm me a first name i might be able to tell you who they are and what rescue agency/contact info you'd need to get in touch with them- i know a good bit of people in our area- i'd be happy to help you! most rescues/shelters LOVE to hear success stories! It makes what they do soo worth it

here's one of the links to Guardian Angel it has all the info you'd need to get in contact with them. I bet if you call or email they can get you in contact with the person you directly adopted from. Also look on your adoption papers and check to see who the witness was that signed them with you- i bet the foster mom's name will be on there if you got your kitty from their home! Guardian Angel is a wonderful no-kill shelter! They do a lot of good work around our community I'm soo glad to hear you've had a good adoption story from them!

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