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A Real Puzzzler :S

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My beautiful moggy Rosie (9 years old), has a very dirty behind.
I know this has been mentioned before but I cannot find a case that is similar to mine.
Her stools are solid, she is fed on dry food.
The area surrounding her anus is very very dirty and I do not know why.
She is a little overweight but she is "big boned"; she was never meant to be slender.
We have cleaned it thoroughly, but it is not very nice to do as it does not please her!
I really do not know what to do.
Can ANYBODY give me any suggestions?

Thanks for all your help

P.S. Rosie sends love
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does she have long hair? you can keep that hair trimmed short. If the area immediately around her anus is dirty, that is more likely her anal sacs, when they block up a little, it makes the anus look dirty and they may need drained if it hasn't been done in awhile.
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She is Short Hair.
But The area around it is slightly balding anyway because of the excessive because of the faeces.
It really worries me.
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Maybe she just can't clean back there very well because she's overweight?

Neither Jaffa nor Mosi have dirty behinds (Jaffa is short haired, Mosi semi longhaired) although once in a while Mosi will get a bit stuck in his hair around that area.
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Do you ever see her cleaning that area? If not, that's probably why it is dirty, and she may need your assistance, even though she dislikes it. Also, is it possible her anal glands are full?
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