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my poor baby.

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I went into the bathroom and my little black kitten followed me, then I went into the living room to start a movie and I heard her meowing a "where did everybody go?" kind of meow, I yelled to her that I would be there in a minute, next thing I know her meows turned into a "help me" kind of meow so the girls and I ran into the bathroom and found that somehow the poor little girl had climbed up and fallen into the bathtub which had water in it up to her tummy, I pulled her out and wrapped a towel around her and dried her off. On the plus side she smells good.
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Oh the poor little kitty, I am glad that she is ok
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Awwww I'm glad that she is ok..
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Poor darlin, she must have been terrified! My mom sometimes leaves the washing machine filling up with the lid open, and I'm so afraid a kitty will jump in there... can't seem to impress the concern upon my mom...
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Poor sweetheart. I guess she learned not to jump into bathtubs from now on!
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