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New daddy on the block

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Hello everyone, I just signed up for the forums. I have two young adult kitties, Lexi and Lincoln. They are not true brother and sister but they have adopted each other as part of the family.

Lexi is a petite black & white gal, about three and a half years old, who loves to play and chase her strings and watch birds in the back yard through the sliding glass door. She was the first feline member of our family. About a year later we got Lincoln and he is our big boy (and I mean literally.) He weighs in at more than 18 pounds (hey, give him a break, he's big boned!)and "That's a big cat!" is the standard reaction he gets when meeting someone new. But he's a real lover and most mornings can be found suggled up beside me somewhere on the bed. He's also quicker than you'd think to look at him and just the other morning he caught a mouse in the basement. Lincoln is his name, but he might think "Buddy" is his nickname because I call him that so often.

We adopted them both from the shelter close to where we live. I really hate to think of all the cats shut up in those cages all day long, or worse if they don't find a home. I'd like to adopt "one more" but my wife says two is plenty! Oh well, maybe I'll talk her into it eventually.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to put up a photo of them soon.
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Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the forums. I've only been a member since September, but I can say that this place is addicting! Everyone on here is so nice and are full of great suggestions.

Please posts picture of Lexi and Lincoln...they sound adorable! Everyone here LOVES kitty pictures! As for Lincoln being a big boy, I too have a very big boy! Ironicly, his name is Buddy! LOL! He is overweight (he's on a diet right now)...he weighs in at 28 pounds! I've attached a photo of him...he is huge!

Anyway, hope you enjoy spending time on here as much as the rest of us do.
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Wow, that IS a big boy! We are feeding Lincoln light formula food and restricting his treats, but we seem more worried about it than the vet. I think he (Lincoln, not the vet is just a compulsive eater because he tries to eat every little bit of lint and dust off the floor if we don't get it right up.

Thanks for your reply. I have lots of photos I can post, but I have them on my home computer and am at work now. This job is so demanding!
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The dynamic napping duo, snoozing together on our bed. Lincoln's the big yellow guy on the left, Lexi is the tuxedo cat on the right giving us the evil eye for interruptiing her nap time with the camera.
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Welcome to the site!! Lexi and Lincoln are both beautiful cats.

Like Shell said, this site can be very addicting. We have a lot of fun in The Cat Lounge, where we talk about everything and (almost) anything. Check out all of the Our Feline Companions forums. They are a wealth of information.

I hope you love this place as much as we do. I look forward to getting to know you, Lexi and Lincoln on the board!
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Glad you and the kiddos are here!
Tux's are just he best~

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Welcome to you and Lincoln and Lexi. My Ivo is a tuxedo girl, too, so I'm partial to formally dressed kitties! And big boys are like Lincoln are welcome, too. I hope to hear more from you and your furkids. Feel free to jump in-everyone is very friendly, and if you have any questions you'll get good advice. Hope to "see" more of you!

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Oh they are great! Lincoln looks like my big guy, Ed. People think he's fat, but he's big boned, too. Really!
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Welcome I have a "big" girl myself. I haven't weighed her in a while. More love to give right!
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I also have a 18 pound cat, Welcome to this site it is great!This is White Cloud.
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There is a better picture in the cat lounge under[ Help],check it out!
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Awww bless! Welcome to the site.
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