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What kind do you have and do you like it?
I've gone through three in the last three days and I've hated all of them.
Help me find a mop I can use for more then a few days and that is a good quality one please!!!!
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I use a Vileida(sp). They need wearing in but work for me.
Did have a cotton one and it just left little cottony bits everywhere
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I still haven't found one I like. Since we have very small areas that need that, I just use a bucket and washcloth. I've hated pretty much every mop I've tried.
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I have a string mop that I bought at my supermarket. I also have a sponge mop that I use for spot cleaning in the bathroom, like when I have to change the mat under the cat litter box because one of my kitties pee'd over the side. Other than that the string mop is the main mop for my floors.
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The only place I buy my mops are at the hardware store. They are much better quality and last ten times longer and they're not very expensive. They usually carry two sizes.....the smallest one is a little bigger than grocery store brands.
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I use swiffers.
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I got a Vileda one and it seems to be ok so far. I used to use the string ones, which I liked, but they don't last. I absolutely hate the tail band ones which I find incredibly useless!
My Swiffer mop is alright for light cleaning. I'm unsure of using it on my laminate though.
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This is one of the best ones I have ever used and its easy also
Don Aslett's Scrubbee Doo Mop with 4 MicrofiberMop Pads
Item Number V25613
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I have a Bissell Flip-It hard floor cleaner. One side dry vacs and the other mops and squeegees. Mopping hurts my back and this device is better for me. Its no good, along the baseboards, though. For that, I use a long-handled scrub brush and move the gunk out into the middle of the floor, to get with the Flip-It.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I use swiffers.

i use them too, the wet jet, i LOVE it!!!!
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