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I have a tube of Nutri-Cal that I had gotten for Angel before she passed away thinking she might take that since she wasn't eating. Well, she wouldn't take it so now I have this tube and for kicks, thought I would see if Ashley would take it. OMG! SHE LOVES THAT STUFF!!!! Is it ok to give to her for a treat or is it going to make her FATTER? I was told it is high in calories, but not sure if I used it as a treat once in a while would hurt her.

Suggestions? Should I not do this?
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Basically Nutri-cal is for the cats who will not eat, it stimulates appetite, or for sickly animals, it is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and gives them an energy boost. It is also a good way to give pills for cats that are hard to pill. Personally, I would not use it as a treat base for a healthy cat. I would stick in the :censor::censor::censor::censor: and have it on hand should you need it. But others may disagree with this.
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I agree, I wouldn't use it except for it's intended purpose, to assist an ailing pet or a young one that is needing a boost nutritionally. Even when I had a kitten that wasn't eating enough, my vet advised that it was best for her to receive her nutrition from her food rather than nutri cal as much as possible and to watch how much I used.
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