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Hello -

This continuing June '07 Tahoe Angora fire (Calif. and Nevada) has left very many pets lost. My friend lives about 8 mi. due east and about 1,000 ft. lower than Lake Tahoe and the fire itself and on a east-facing mtn.-side home.

A cat appeared at her door at 1 a.m. on 6/30 - her own 2 Ragdoll (indoor) boys alerted her of the arrival. The newcomer kitty is about 9 mo., greyish blue all over and an intact male. "Traveler" as he's now called, is in her garage with all the necessities for an exhausted lost kitty. He's very friendly, shows no burns nor does he smell "smokey".

Anyway. there's now a debate with our local animal control lady who hautingly stated that cats ALWAYS go up in any dangerous situation (eg. up trees, rocks, mountains) and that _this cat_ couldn't possibly be part of the mass exodus of critters escaping the fire and smoke. Since he's so young but intact, he's probaly only looking for a partner - in thousands of acres of timerland?

As there aren't any animal behavioral "experts" available and she's trying her best to locate the kitty's true home, my friend has been advised to ONLY search below her home area to place ads and "found notices".

Do most here agree with the local animal control lady that this new arrival is truly from a lower elevation and not a fire evacuee?

Does anyone have >any< experience with pet cats fleeing wildfires??

We'd be thrilled if any cat behavior, fire experts or anyone else who've lived through a fire post a reply..

She's trying very hard to figure out where to start in this vast area to return "Traveler" to his loved ones. (He probably needs his shots and neutering and she's willing to assist the true owners if located.)

Thanks for >any< help... >8]

pagoo aka Karen J.
Gardnerville, NV 89410