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Missing fur on back leg...

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Last night I came home from being away at school and noticed that my cat Goofy had developed a small spot on her back leg that was furless. I picked her up and it looked like a callous. It didn't bother her when my boyfriend and I touched it, and my mother who had been taking care of her said she was acting fine. She is a bit strange, and sits in odd positions, and also likes to sleep atop the cable box on the television set. Should I take her to the vet or should I see if it starts to bother her?
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Hmm- you might want to be careful touching it. If it happens to be ringworm- guess what? Everybody is going to probably come down with it now. These cats on this page are in extreme cases of ringworm- but if it looks anything like this, you should take the cat in to be checked.

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It could be mange also. I would go to the vet.
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I couldn't really tell on that webpage if Goofy's patch looked like that, but im curious, how would an indoor cat contract it? I am going to call the vet monday morning because she seems to be paying attention to that area, cleaning it and such. I may consider taking her sooner should it get worse.
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Is it on her knee? Older cats get a bit bald on that part of them.... Let us know what the vet says.
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Indoor kitties are not immune to ringworm. Some catteries fight it all the time and all their cats are indoor (usually) It can be transmitted in many ways, dogs can bring it in, kids can bring it in, it can travel in on your shoes even.
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Your kitty could also be suffering from a skin condition
known as eosinophilic plaque complex. The lesion you
see on your kitty may be a linear granuloma. It presents
itself as a dry, sometimes scaley patch of skin, often
hairless as the kitty constantly licks at it, causing more
tissue damage and hair loss. It is a auto immune related
disease, very frustrating but treatable.
Have your vet do a thorough examination and skin biopsy for
a definite diagnosis. From there, he/she can prescribe the
best means of treatment.
Good luck with your kitty. One of my kitties has a linear
granuloma on her back leg and she is often troubled with
rodent ulcers. Below is an excellent reference site. Just
type in eosinophilic granuloma in the search box.

45. Eosinophilic granuloma complex in cats

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