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Should I Take Her To The Vets?

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I've been really worried about Pickle's teeth, she's lost her top row of teeth in the last few weeks. She has yellow hard stuff on her molars and her gums are really soft and sore. She also has really bad breath. Some of my friends think she's got a disease or cancer in her mouth.
I'm really worried about her, but I haven't got enough money to pay for treatments. I'm afraid if I take her to the vets he'll say she'll have to have something expensive done. If it costs to much my mum said I'll have to have her put down, I love her so much I want her to be comfortable and in no pain but I haven't got any money.
Any help or guidance appreciated, I'm just going mad with worrying!
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aww oo I am sorry to hear about sweet Pickles - I really think she needs a vet check over - maybe if you contact one of the charities like The Cats Protection League they might be able to help you with costs or check in your local area for other rescue and animal centers, its worth a try.
Let us know how you go on
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I would guess she may have quite common tandstone. But a vet must remove it. It is done usually while they are sleeping.
so it will cost some, but must be done.

And if it IS something worse? Look, better to detect it, and let her go while she still has her proudness.
Many do wait too long. And then it is terrible...
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I don't know what tandstone is, but it sounds to me like she needs a dental. When has she had one last and how old is she? When animals get older they need them regularly sometimes.
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sorry to hear that. I think you need to her to Vets, probably wont cost you alot. at least to find out wht the problem is first.
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sounds like she needs her teeth cleaned and maybe some removed. It is really important for her health that it is done. Around here it could cost $200.00 dollars. Maybe you could make a deal with your mom to work it off?
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