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My visit to the cat shelter

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Well, it's an animal shelter but I only went to see the cats.

I have always avoided visiting these mainly because I knew I'd be upset by it but a couple of months ago I was down that way with a friend and she suggested visiting Wood Green. Wood Green is very well known where I live and I thought ok let's go and see the work they do, so we went to the one based in Godmanchester.

Well the first cat I came to was Eddie, and I swear to god it was love at first sight, he was the most stunning cat ever, and he was pawing the window...that started me off crying I wanted to take him home there and then but he has FIV and can't mix with other cats and needed special requirments to rehome him, finally I left his side and saw the others, all beautiful and very well cared for and on the way round spoke to this lady who also loved Eddie, knowing I couldn't rehome him I keep saying to her " I think you should have Eddie'

After leaving and sobbing my heart out...I don't know why cos the life they have there sure as hell beats what they previously had but I just wanted them all to have a family of their own I went on their website and Eddie was featured, but the other night he was gone! I had to email them to find out why he wasn't there, it turns out Eddie has been found a loving new home this makes me so happy, and now I am glad I went because when there is a happy ending it makes me appreciate the good work they do for cats and all the animals there, and now I feel comfortable with seeing their enclosures,exercise areas and their nice bedding and all the toys (they really are spoilt!) and how much time the workers spend with them all I am going to apply to do voluntary work there, they need people to clean, groom and play and interact with the cats, and now I have passed my driving test (just 2 weeks ago ) I am now in a position to get there (public transport is limited as it's a distance) and it's something I'l very much look forward to though I'll have to learn not to get too attached cos I'm still a wuss!
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It's a killer seeing all those sweet faces and wanting to save them all So glad Eddie found a home...thanks for sharing this story
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It was a killer, especially some of the elder cats, some whom had had loving homes but their owners were too old to care for them properly, or had passed on, must be so confusing for the cats to be in a loving home then all of a sudden somewhere where they don't know and wondering where their owner is. But I feel myself looking at the positives now, if they wasn't there with shelter, food and someone to make a fuss, the chances are they'd be cold, starving and miserable and very much alone. I'm so glad I went.
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Very cool that Eddie got a home. You might have convinced that lady to take him, you never know.

Good job.
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I'm so glad you're going to volunteer! I do a little work over our our shelter, too, and it's just plain good for the soul. It isn't easy to walk away and leave some of those precious little faces behind, but... better they have your love and care for a few minutes than not at all. Congratulations on finding a wonderful way to make a difference!
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You always have to remember the positives, just like you said. For many many cats, they had no one who even cared about them. To go to this place where it's always warm, there's always food & water, there are toys, & people pet them & love them. It must be amazing. And to get to watch some of the animals come out of their shells.
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