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You know your cat is

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Spoiled when you move a picture frame because she is meowing because she wants on the dresser and she doesn't think she can make it with it up there. And when you buy bird feeders and put them outside the windows so she can have kitty tv. But kitty love is sure worth all of the spoiling I don't know what I would do without my baby girl.

Please feel free to share ways you spoil your babies in small ways such as arranging furniture so it accomadates them and their needs and wants.
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You know your cat is spoiled when:

You constantly re-arrange your body in bed so they can sleep in their favorite places next to you.

In the middle of your deepest sleep, one of them decides they want some love by licking your face, and you wake up enough so you can give them some love back instead of telling them to stop it.
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When it takes you all day to change the bedding. The girls have to investigate each sheet and blanket as it goes on the bed. They will even settle down to take a nap under each blanket as it goes on the bed, so it will be an all day extravaganza to make the bed again after I wash all the bedding! They are so helpful! They want to make sure the bed is made just right for meowmy!
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when you sleep in a pretzel shape at night so they are comfortable.

when you have fish tanks for them to watch.

when you know what brand of catnip they like best, and you buy it because they won't touch anything else. yep, Yeow! brand is the only acceptable kind here. speaking of which, i have to order the pollock fish from www.catniptoys.com soon.

when you sit on the edge of the computer chair so your cat can lounge on the chair's seat.
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When you put the golfing umbrella up in the garden just so they can go out while it's raining...Ok ok I know it's my fault but they wanted to sit outside
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You know your cat is spoiled when it is sitting in front of the TV and you turn it on so it can watch cartoons..

As an explanation, Linus is fascinated by TV, especially programs about animals and with lots of colors. He will spend an hour slapping the front of the TV trying to catch the characters. It is very adorable...
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You know you cat is spoiled when you make guests sit on hard chairs coz Kitty is sprawled on the sofa
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