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stoli and stress

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Hi all,

repeat: in Jan he got sick and wouldn't eat, we had to syringe him for two days, got him to a specialist, got him meds - all better

Stoli just got back from the boarder - he has been acting completely himself except for diahrrea and a couple of sneezes. Luxor is fine with the exception of a couple of sneezes.

Last night he didn't really eat his wet food but really wanted dry. He seemed really hungry. I don't think he ate all that well out there. Today he didn't really eat well but ate some dry.

This is what I'm thinking - hopefully it isn't a cold, but if it is - we can call on Monday and get him meds from before and he'll be all better in a couple of days.

if it isn't a cold - his system is thrown off of his regular schedule and he wasn't hungry then, but he'll be hungry later. OR he associates his food with the stresses of boarding and now he won't eat it. this would really stink, he won't eat wellness because it makes him think of January and they don't have cuts and gravy. Now he won't eat FF cuts and gravy.....

So what do you guys think:

a cold, just get him some meds.
a cold, let it run its course, don't medicate him.
it's his schedule, get him back on it.
he associates that food with the boarder - have fun finding more food.

Like I said before, I've seen him sort of sick before and really sick - I'm pretty sure he isn't really sick, and doesn't act sort of sick. He does have diahrrea, maybe his tummy is just upset and doesn't want to eat until it feels better: he's done that before.

I'm just a little concerned, I don't want to medicate him unless I have to.
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I'd say it sounds like the beginnings of a cold, brought on by the stress of being away. I wouldn't bother with antibiotics, as they only really help when the kitty gets a secondary bacterial infection. You could try giving him some L-Lysine, which seems to interfere with the replication of the virus and may help him fight it off. Otherwise, just make sure he keeps eating (maybe warm his food a bit to enhance the aroma), and give him lots of love.
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hey thanks, I had forgotten about the warming of the food. Tonight he ate at 99% capacity ( ) Only one sneeze today. We've been giving him lots of lovin and let him rest. I think ( I hope) he'll be ok without getting worse.
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