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My little Stan (rat) is sick!

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Stan hasn't been acting like himself the last few days. He would squeal if you touched his head and he just didn't look like he was feeling very well at all.

Took him to the vet this morning and the vet says he probably has infected glands. I forget what the glands are called but they are located behind his ears.

Poor baby doesn't like his meds at all! It's a liquid antibiotic. He squeals so loud you might think he was being given acid or something, probably because his glands hurt him so much, poor baby.

Could use some healing vibes for him, he could sure use them.
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Hope he feels better soon.
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aww bless the little sweetie - is he too small for an injection

well lots of soothing healing (((((vibes))))) for little Stan !!

let us know how he is
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I hope Stan is feeling better very soon.
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Awww I hope Stan feels better soon
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Thanks everyone. I'll keep you updated but today he looks like he did yesterday. I have to give him his medicine in a few minutes, I'll have to get my sis to help because that is a definite 2 person job!
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are you giving him liquid meds??

My rat is currently on baytril for a URI, and syringing her was, at best, a 10 person job.

So I got her some Gerber's baby food, stage 2 chicken and chicken gravy. I mix a VERY small amount of baby food with her antibiotics, and she gobbles it right up, without even knowing she's taking meds....

Might be worth a shot.

Hope your guy feels better.
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Crazybird, yes, it is a liquid medicine.

He is accepting his medicine a bit better today as well, he isn't squealing when I give it to him but I'm not sure if it means he's feeling better or worse.

But I think (hope) he may be improving but slowly. He has scabs on his head from the infection and today they are bleeding, maybe he has been itching them? He hasn't ate very much in the last few days but is starting to eat a little today.

Will keep you updated.
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Poor little fella

It really is a hard job giving them medication isn't it
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lots of vibes for poor little Stan hope he gets better ASAP!
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