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Should I call the police?

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My next door neighbors have been fighting ALL DAY!... literally.
Earlier she threatened to throw a brick at him when he was working on his car.
Deacon was asleep but has been awakened by it 2 times so I decided to put him in our bedroom (the other side of the house).

About 15mins ago I was outside smoking a cigarette when I heard a door slam and Jake started barking up a storm. I hear them screaming and yelling and something hit the ground hard. I looked over and they're throwing bricks at each other When they seen me, they went back inside and are still yelling.
I woke up Reggie and told him what happened and that I was about to call the police. He told me not to because they would know it was me since they seen me and it would cause problems.

Should I call? Im worried something's going to happen. I know they've had financial issues lately because they've asked to borrow money from me (which I wouldn't loan them because they're wanting pot or beer).

I just heard a loud bang come from thier house and I'm sitting IN my house about 70 feet away behind closed doors...

Grrr. Should I?
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Yeah, just call the police; you'll feel better.

Besides, if they're violently fighting (i.e. throwing bricks at each other), then something could go wrong and/or get out of hand and someone could easily end up dead.

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I just called them. Something hit the side of my house and now I'm worried about our trucks. They said they were on thier way and I reported it anon

Bad part is, I just looked over there, and all thier lights are out... Now I feel bad.
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You did the right thing. As long as the police keep it anonymous they sould not suspect you. Hopefully they will think it was another neighbor.

I have had neighbors and even relatives like this. It is tough to know what to do. Maybe having the cops show up will open their eyes a bit.

Its amazing what some people consider acceptable behavior
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Good for you. It is obvious there is definitely a problem over there, and you would feel very badly if something terrible happened.

Also you should not have to feel uncomfortable in your own home because of how your neighbors are acting...
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You know, I would call... I think you did the right thing. Normally I won't call for "noise" unless I really don't like the neighbor, then I might do it just because they're idiots... but.. like there's a difference between "noise" and "potential problem". Before we lived here, we lived in a apartment complex in another town. We came home one day, to see two women and a man outside yelling and fighting and it was getting pretty loud and the girl was shouting that she was going to kill someone, etc... we just figured, eh, a domestic fight, no one seems to be doing anything violent, just shouting. Later that evening, we heard sirens.. and we went outside to see what was going on (there were a lot of sirens and flashing lights) and here one of the girls had stabbed and killed the other one.. apparently she was the ex of the guy, and the other girl was his current girlfriend. And I've felt so bad ever since then.. 'cause if I had called the police when they were arguing.. they might all still be alive.. But honestly, you can't tell, and when they get to doing things that are physical instead of just yelling, it's moved beyond normal argument into the realm of.. someone could get seriously hurt (including you), and they need to get it under control.

I mean, it's just not worth the risk, you know? It's better to know everyone is safe, and call them, and risk the neighbors being irritated with you, and know that no one is going to get hurt. I'd just be normal with them later, after the incident.. say hi or go about your normal routine.. just keep whatever contact you normally have with them business as usual and I think it will be fine.

Did you find out what happened? Has there been any update? Is everyone okay?
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What happened DD?
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Nothing happened..... Police didn't even show up...... isn't that sad?
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Nothing happened..... Police didn't even show up...... isn't that sad?
Uhhhhhh, how did they not show up? Is that even allowed?! WTH is wrong with the cops?
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They probably called or something, that's why the lights are out and it's quiet now.
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I'm glad you called (even though they didn't show up )

If they're throwing bricks and your sons see that or get hurt by the bricks that's bad.
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Well I doubt they called. The neighbors don't have a phone (that's why they're always borrowing mine ). I just think they were honestly too busy. I know they didn't show up because my desk is by the window and I can see thier house.

Even though the lights were out, they were still fighting.
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Well I doubt they called. The neighbors don't have a phone (that's why they're always borrowing mine ). I just think they were honestly too busy. I know they didn't show up because my desk is by the window and I can see thier house.

Even though the lights were out, they were still fighting.
Oh. Then um, I have no idea why they didn't show up. To bad one of them can't just walk away and let the stiuation cool down before something bad happens.
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Please never hesitate to call the cops for a situation like this. Nobody gets arrested unless someone really was being violent.

You never know what kind of situation might be developing and sometimes the police coming stops an already bad situation from getting much much worse.
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I woulda called them again, they woulda ended up coming out just to shut me up.
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I would call. you need to keep you and your family safe.
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I'm glad you called and I think you should call again if they start up again like that. Your kids could be exposed to something very very bad. That's what I'd worry about most!
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OK a few things to add here. I used to live in a not so good neighborhood where there were drug deals going down in my own front yard. I also volunteered on the neighborhood group where one of our speakers one night was a police officer. I talked to him and asked him about if calling really helps or not as I seemed to have been calling almost every night. He said YES call and call and call because it's like the old saying "a squeeky wheel gets the oil". If people don't call as often as things are happening, then they don't know that it's as big of a problem as it is. After that, I felt better about calling and that I wasn't just being looked at as a pest. The patrols increased in our area and things did improve some.

Now, as far as domestic disputes. LOL I'm a bit bolder than most. There are two situations in that same neighborhood that I did call the police. One was on my next door neighbor (duplex so they were very close) that was yelling and screaming at his girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. He then threw a beer bottle at her. That was enough for me. He took off and I called the police. Gave them all the details of what his truck looked like and his full name, everything. He was caught not far from the neighborhood and spent a night in jail. The next day when he came back I went over and confronted him, told him that I was the one that called the police and if he did it again, I'd call them again. He never did anything to me because I faught back. Although they ended up moving and I did see them again, it was only once. Later I did see her working and she said that she had left him finally.

The second situation was right across the street from the other and they had a very abusive household, drugs and everything. Well, she knew that it was going to get ugly and came to talk to me. She said, if things got too hot and heavy to please call her parents and gave me their phone number. One night sure enough, it all came to a head and she yelled, "please someone call the cops". I did just that and then called her parents too. Again the same situation happened but this time I did not confront him. They ended up moving out in the middle of the night. Later I saw her working and they were still together. Years passed and I happened to unfortunately get into a circle of people that he was in as well. But, after talking to him and finding out that we had been neighbors, he told me that part of his life was terrible and drug ridden. It was after that situation that he decided that he had to become clean. He did it a little different than normal though. He took off and went to live in the hills (yes in the forest) for 2 years to get clean. He said he knew that he had to be alone so that he did not hurt other people around him as he was going through it. Turned out to be a pretty nice guy after that.

So what is the moral of the stories here? Call call call. Don't feel bad, don't worry about what might happen, just call. It might save a life in so many ways.

I hope things have worked out and you and your family are safe. That is the first priority and second would be helping someone in need.
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When in doubt, put yourself in the place of the weaker person in the fight. Wouldn't you be hoping someone would send the police?
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I think you did the right thing by calling the police. It's sad that they never showed up You should contact, write/email the chief of police , newpaper, mayor... I think you get my point if you don't want to use your name then don't all calls should be investigated what if something real bad had happened I don't think you mentioned if they had kids and if so what kind of life is that for them to live in. Unfortunately you really can't control there every move but for your own family at least your kids know all families aren't like that.

A Mom of two fur-beauties
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