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[b]Bring back them good ol feelings[/b]  

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I received this in my mail today...I thought it'd be lovely to share with everyone...especially those of whom are married or in a relationship.

Health and happiness go hand in hand, and according to research, most people's brains love to be presented with
unexpected pleasures. A happy surprise stimulates the brain's reward regions. Whether it's a spontaneous picnic in the park or a love note slipped into a lunch bag, an
unexpected treat can help nurture your partner's emotional

Nice huh?

God Bless,
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I am a true believer of doing "spontaneous" stuff like that. Unfortunately I don't have a partner. But I do have my cats who love me unconditionally and all my wonderful friends here and on the catsite.
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Hi Donna,
Neither do I...but I feel quite happy with my boys and little Ninya...Hopefully one day I'll be able to practice something so simple with someone. And you're absolutely right about having wonderful friends here...we are indeed very fortunate I basically thought it'd be nice to share this with those that already had this opportunity at hand. At times we let things slip by and wonder where we went wrong....ya know? Good works begets good works...I know that I've failed in that many times in my past relationships...FINALLY...I think I learned! LOL
I really love my cats...but I would love to share my heart with someone special too

God Bless

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Thanks for that. It made me stop for a moment and think about my hubby and smile.

I think it holds true for any type of relationship. So it could be a friend, sister, parent, child or pet. So many special things happen daily. We are all really lucky. And should not let them slip by unnoticed. I also makes you feel really great when you are the one making someone else feel special for a moment.

This is for everyone who reads this post, have a really great day.

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Dear Spike...
Awwww...how true that is! Thanks for your input!!!
b/t/w...How's the training???
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Well I have been for the first induction at the gym and tomorrow I go for the second one. The ones during the week were fully booked. But this means I get to use the gym on my own from monday so I can really start the training part.

The diet is also going well. Never thought I actually had the will power to do it so I am amazing myself.
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